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Hogs Haven Thanksgiving Mailbag: All About the Quarterback

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins
Will Kirk Cousins be back in Washington Next year?
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

"So, do we sign him?" - Brian (Centreville, VA)

The simple answer is yes. If you're Team Cousins, you already know the reasons why the Redskins should bring back #8. Cousins is top 10 in the league in almost every major QB stat: 3rd in total yards, 5th in yards per attempt, 7th in completion percentage, 4th in yards per game, 10th in passer rating, and 12th in TDs. (Interesting fact of the day: three QBs are tied for 12th in TDs. Those QBs are Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, and Eli Manning.) He's 11-5-1 in his last 16 regular season games.

If you're not on board either Captain Kirk, I'm not sure what better options you have. If you mortgage the world to move up and draft someone with a first round grade, like Deshone Kizer from Notre Dame, you're probably going to take a step back next year in what has again become a very competitive NFC East. Plus, we all know there are no guarantees of a draftee's success. The QBs already in the league and likely to become available are nothing to jump up and down about either: Fitzpatrick, Gabbert, Sanchez, Hoyer, Manuel, Hill, Glennon, Romo*, etc. Glennon is an interesting, serviceable prospect and likely to be much cheaper than Cousins, so you could make an argument for him, but I think the team is better off with the solid passer already on their roster.

*see question below

“If Romo came free next year would you sign him over Kirk?” - @phnger85

All I can hear in my head is Michael Scott’s voice here... No! God. No! Please God No!

Okay, honestly, though, when you take a step back from the knee jerk fan reaction to the prospect of #9 in a burgundy and gold jersey and the unlikely chance that Romo would want to come to DC (you have to think Jerry Jones would let Romo have some say if he’s traded), the question is an interesting one. Like him or not (and for most Redskins fans, it's a "not"), Romo is an NFL starter-level talent and a clear leader on his team. The way he’s handled losing his job to Dak Prescott has been classy, and when you look at wins and losses, he has a 1.5:1 win:loss ratio compared to Cousins' 1:1 ratio.

However, Cousins is trending up while Romo isn't really trending at all right now. If Jerry Jones really is willing to let his superstar go at the end of the season, Romo is the type of QB who should be brought into a "win now" team willing to take the risk that comes with his injury history. After taking too many risks with big name players in recent years, the Redskins aren’t the type of team who should or would likely make this move. Both Cousins and Romo are going to cost their respective teams a lot of money next year, and Washington shouldn’t take the chance on Romo when they have a perfectly solid quarterbcak who knows their system, has chemistry with his offense, and can win on the warpath.

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