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The 5 O’Clock Club—#Make Thanksgiving Matter!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

Happy Thanksgiving, Hogs Haven!

Here’s hoping you are properly preparing for the biggest game of the Redskins 2016 season so far. (I leave that to each of you to decide what that is.)

We will have game threads, previews and the like leading up, so I thought I would use this space to solicit an age old Thanksgiving tradition: what are you thankful for?

For my part, I continue to be thankful for this community. As I have said before—and will say again—the internet is littered with sites that have cesspools for comment sections. That simply has never been the case here, and that is owed to this amazing fanbase and its desire to engage in little more than the celebration of the Redskins.

The other side of that is the amazing group of writers, editors and moderators that volunteer their time and effort to keep this place going. I will save my “taking stock” post for closer to year-end, so I will spare you any sappiness, but why don’t we at least take the moment to single out Scott? You know him as HogHunter and he is working today to update Facebook with in-game highlights and to offer breaking news coming across social media. Despite a questionable pants policy (he’s generally against), he has become someone we all depend on to help inform our opinion. If anyone deserves a Redskins win today, it is Scott. Great job, man, and thank you!

Have a great day, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!