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Gif Recap - Redskins Defeat Packers 42-24 via Bond, James Bond

The Redskins win over the Packers via James Bond Gifs

“Fat Rob” Kelley looking too cool in his player introduction:

Kirk shows off the accuracy with a TD strike to DeSean.

The Packers strike back with a dubious looking TD “catch”.

The commentators try to explain why the TD call was totally correct.

Fat Rob breaks through for another Redskins TD! This man will not be denied.

Packers have us on 3rd and 11. They don’t know Kirk has another trick up his sleeve.

44 Yard TD! They must have underestimated Crowder!

Something looks wrong about the coverage. We try to get it corrected

but, we completely blow it, and Rodgers punishes us. (TD Green Bay.)

Kirk answers back with a 70 yard bomb for the TD!

Jay Gruden, deciding to go for it on 4th and 1.

Kirk contorting his body for the 1st down.

Wow, Cousins is making this look video game easy.

and unloading on the Green Bay defense.

With a firm lead in the 4th, Skins fans are feeling pretty confident.

Josh Norman, to the Packers comeback attempt.

Kirk Cousins, to the management.

How it feels to give out a beatdown on prime time TV.

The Redskins are still right in the thick of the Wild Card race.