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Redskins victory Monday Open Thread

A re-cap of the game and a look at things going forward

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Other more detailed posts are coming, but I just wanted to highlight some things about last night and the Redskins win. As well as give a fresh thread for people to voice their opinions! HTTR

Some quick stats from last night:

Of the Redskins 10 full drives (not counting the kneel downs at the end), they failed to pick up a first down just twice and scored on seven of them. They had 5 scoring drives of more than 70 yards!

Last night was the Redskins 2nd game of 500 or more yards of offense this season (Bengals the other), and 6th game of 400 or more yards of offense.

The Redskins offense scored +17 points vs the Packers defensive average of 25.7 (prior to the game).

The Redskins are now averaging 25.1 offensive points per game (8th in the league), which is 3.5 more offensive points per game than they did a year ago.

The Redskins are averaging now 2.6 offensive TDs per game (T-12th in the league), which is now above the 2.4 of 2015.

Despite 12 fewer catches this year, Jamison Crowder now has 33 more receiving yards and 4 more TDs than he did all of last season.

Robert Kelley has 321 yards as a starter over these past 3 weeks good for a 4.9 ypc average over that time. In that time he has 4 TDs and most importantly zero fumbles.

Kirk Cousins now ranks (with Derek Carr still to go tonight) 4th in Net Yards per attempt, and 6th in Adjusted net yards per attempt. These two stats show a relatively complete picture of at QB’s performance based on yards, TDs, INTs and sacks as well. Both numbers are also trending above last years numbers by a decent margin.

On the year Cousins’ numbers are slightly below his Completion % and TD % from a year ago, but he’s improved in INT%, sack %, yards per game, yards per attempt, yards per completion and as mentioned above both in net yards per attempt and net adjusted yards per attempt.