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Gif Recaps: Redskins Defeat Vikings 26-20 via The Expendables

Explosive Action, Ageless Stars, And The Kind Of Show We Loved In The '80s

Ugh. Why do we have to do this without our Pro Bowl tackle?

Scott McC explaining to Gruden why he’s got a practice squad pickup behind Nsekhe

Defense starts with a 3 and out. I settle in to watch us slap Bradford around all afternoon.

Back to back TD drives! What Kirk Cousins is doing to this Vikings defense.

Vernon Davis may be an older vet, but he’s bringing some attitude to this offense.

Throwing to Reed would have been better for your fantasy team, but... a score’s a score.

Still, Kirk is getting away with a few reckless shots we don’t want to see any more.

Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph is still a threat to break this game open all by himself.

Yikes! 20 unanswered points in the 2nd QTR, the Vikings are fighting back hard.

With the whiffed extra point attempt, Blair Walsh to the Vikings fans’ emotions:

Dustin Hopkins strikes back with a pair of FGs to tie up the score.

And a clutch 50 yarder for the lead! @DaHop5 shows us he’s got his swag back.

But the Vikings march back into Skins territory. Things are looking tense for our heroes when




PRESTON SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An absolute game wrecker, Smith finishes with a clutch interception and two sacks, including the final drive killer.

Skins win! Another week with a winning record and spot in the playoff race.

Davis and Reed together look like a deadly duo.

Kirk Cousins strutting back to the locker room.

Blair Walsh by the end of this week.