"Fat Rob" Kelley ready to be the lead RB for the Redskins


"When we start the game it’ll be Robert and then we’ll go from there and we’ll decide the rest of the group later on," Gruden said. "And then Chris Thompson obviously is penciled in as the third-down guy and No. 2. So after that we’ll make a decision." Kelley admitted he was a little surprised hearing the news from the head coach considering his route to the Redskins, but he’s happy to be in a situation where the Redskins need him to contribute. "Yeah, I mean coming in undrafted, it’s always something you think about and bring yourself back down to earth and not try to get to far ahead of yourself," Kelley said. "I’m happy with how far I’ve came. …"I just go as they come. If they need me, I do it. If they don’t, I just sit back and encourage other guys. I don’t really try to do their job for them, they do their job."