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Kirk Cousins Is The Key To A Redskins Victory

The Redskins QB has to pull out all the stops in this matchup to come out victorious.

Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I have a terrible memory sometimes. I can remember running around my house at around age 4 and getting a massive knot on my head as I ran into the coffee table in the living room. I can’t remember my own sister’s birthday every year and I have to be reminded (JUDGE ME). I can remember exactly how many slices of bread are left in the bag. I can’t remember where I put my headphones sometimes leading me to search my apartment for an hour. I can’t remember every victory the Redskins have had against the Eagles but I can remember week 15’s victory last year vividly.

It was one of the best performances the Redskins had put together all season. It looked like the team was gathering serious momentum as they looked toward the playoffs in a few weeks.

The Redskins took advantage of the Eagles linebackers with the Cousins to Jordan Reed connections. The key was Kirk Cousins’ excellence. Cousins had been playing tremendously for the second half of the season but that game was arguably the best of his career.

The Redskins have tough tests in front of them. The Vikings are on a 3 game slide. Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers don’t look so hot. The Cowboys are one of the best teams in the league. The Cardinals are not nearly as good and everyone thought they would be. It would be the typical Redskins way to make these games closer than they should be. Any one of the next four teams the Redskins play has the potential to embarrass the team by merely getting back on track and playing good football.

The Vikings are the first team in this rough second half stretch and it is imperative that Kirk Cousins play his best football to give the team some much-needed positive momentum. Like the Philadelphia game, Cousins make have to put up a stat line that sound where around 300+ yards 4 TDs and most importantly no turnovers (or kneel downs on potential scoring drives that lead to halftime). The Vikings defense should not be underestimated in any regard. However, if Kirk Cousins gets on another second half roll the Redskins are in business.