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Something Special: Keeping the Dream Alive

The 1991 Redskins flex their muscles against the Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers as Washington tries to become one of the few teams in history to get to 11-0


The fifth episode of “Something Special” sees the 9-0 Redskins look to become just the ninth team in NFL history to get to 11-0. Standing in the Redskins’ way would be Jerry Glanville and the upstart Atlanta Falcons, and coaching legend Chuck Noll and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Redskins took on the Falcons just three days after one of the more shocking off-field moment in sports history. On the field, Mark Rypien and Gary Clark would make a tiny bit of sports history of their own.

Then, Washington battled a man with four Super Bowl rings in Noll, as the Redskins traveled to always-challenging Riverfront Stadium to tangle with the Steelers. Clark and company didn’t miss a beat.

The full episode can be heard here, and prior episodes are linked below the player.

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