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#5OCC—After the Whistle Hosts CircleJorts Spectacular II

The Audible presents Hogs Haven’s official Redskins aftershow, “After the Whistle.”

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Coming off the bye, and with all the election crap going on around us, I felt like we needed to bring in the right voice to join Kevin, T and I in the sweatiest basement stdio in Kensington, MD.

That voice belongs to none other than Chris Hess, aka “ih8dallas.” For the better part of 50 minutes, we waxed philosophic on the state of the Redskins and the first half they had. We preview the immediate future of this team, which involves the very purple Minnesota Vikings.

I thought we really hashed out some things regarding the impact of Trent Williams’ suspension, the state of our running game and the ability for our pass rushers to carry our defense down the stretch.

In keeping with the election-night theme (which was brought up on the show ZERO times), we lay out a path to the playoffs for the Redskins and speak to the mindset of the average Redskins fan.

If you like jorts & crocs, or just enoy hearing our main man ih8dallas talk about this team (he is really good at it), tune in for CircleJorts Spectacular II on “After the Whistle.”

Thanks for listening!