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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 4

What stood out around the NFL after Week 4

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Miami vs. Cincinnati

Miami wore god awful uniforms and it didn’t help them. Besides one long ball to Kenny Stills, Ryan Tannehill was equally god awful. Is A.J. Green a madman? Yes. Andy Dalton always looks good when Green shows out.

Tampa Bay vs. Denver

Siemian goes down but the Paxton Lynch Era begins for now. He was one of my favorite QB prospects coming out of the draft. Even if Siemian is healthy in a week or two can Lynch hold onto the starting job if he balls out? Jamies Winston struggled mightily against the best defense in the NFL but I think he’ll bounce back.

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis

I still think the Jags are gonna win the AFC South. They started out with a couple tough matchup’s but even at 1-3 they are right in the thick of things in that division. Again Luck is trying to carry his team but it isn't enough, I almost feel bad for him.

Buffalo vs. New England

I was genuinely surprised at the outcome of this game. Buffalo scored 1 TD and kicked 3 FGs. Normally the Patriots can overcome something like that but they didn’t get anything going on the ground. The ground game was a huge part why Brissett won his debut last week and it simply didn’t show up this time. The rookie QB struggled with little support. Pats should be glad Brady is back.

Tennessee vs. Houston

Yeah, I’ve made my decision. I’m not at all impressed with Marcus Mariota. This game was full of mistakes and inaccuracy for him including one completely inexcusable interception. Don’t get me wrong Brock Osweiler does the same thing but he at least scores a couple TD’s while he’s at it. The Titans should just stick with Demarco Murray it’s the only thing working for them right now. Oh, and by the way, Will Fuller is looking pretty dynamic right now.

Detroit vs. Chicago

Jordan Howard is looking like a later round gem for the Bears as he takes over while Jeremy Langford is injured. Brian Hoyer is ok. This was a contest between bad teams and the one with the better run game pulled away.

Carolina vs. Atlanta

Julio Jones is a beast. He bailed Ryan out so many times this game. The Panthers defense is definitely not the same with Bene Benwikere is your best corner. They are in real trouble if Cam is out for an extended period of time.

New York (Jets) vs. Seattle

I have no idea how Russell Wilson is even playing with a torn meniscus but he looks good. It’s cool to see him develop chemistry with Jimmy Graham. Gunslinging isn‘t going to work against the Seattle defense and Fitzpatrick figured that out twice against Richard Sherman. The Jets are not a complete team without the running threat of Chris Ivory.

Oakland vs. Baltimore

Derek Carr may not make the top 5 in all the QB statistical categories right now but he is playing like a top tier QB. He has one of the highest passer ratings in the league and his ability to be efficient and smart with the football is fun to watch. When he is delivering it to two athletic and physical receivers in Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper it’s triple fun.

Steve Smith continues to prove he is delaying father time and the Ravens have decided that Terrence West will be their lead dog. There are some clear areas the Skins can exploit next week.

Cleveland vs. Washington

I was on a plane for the first half of this game and was delighted to see the Skins up 14-0. I get home and I see they have seemingly pooped the bed and are losing 17-14. I go to the comments section where I know you gentleman (and ladies) will understand me and vent about how embarrassed I am. And then the Redskins did what they seemingly don’t do very often. They gathered themselves and rallied! The coaching staff stuck with the run and Matt Jones was ripping off substantial chunks. There was even a goal line run, I’m still not over it. Run. The. Ball.

Los Angeles vs. Arizona

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the Cardinals but they ended my survivor league chances. They suck right now and the offense has some serious issues. 3-1 is why Jeff Fisher has been and NFL head coach for the last 50 years.

Dallas vs. San Francisco

God, it’s lame that Dallas has gotten this soft start. I still think they are so overrated. It sucks for the 49ers that Bowman is out for the season again. Their secondary is completely inept. Blaine Gabbert is terrible.

New Orleans vs. San Diego

This was a good old-fashioned shootout. And the Chargers blew it again despite getting several takeaways on defense. It's going to be that kind of season for them. The Saints are still a really bad team particularly on defense but I guess I didn’t expect them to go winless.

Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City

The Steelers worked Kansas City after an embarrassing loss last week to the Eagles. Antonio Brown and Big Ben hooked up for several scores. Also, Sammie Coates has filled in nicely in the absence of Martavis Bryant. Oh and Le’Veon Bell is back. The Chiefs were outmatched is every aspect. I wonder if Jamal Charles returning will even help them much.

New York (Giants) vs. Minnesota

The Vikings are legit and Sam Bradford is looking like he’s about to have a career year. The Giants defense and Odell Beckham were nowhere to be found this game. I love it but don’t relish that week 10 matchup.