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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

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The Redskins went across the ocean to get...a tie?

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images
  1. My annual flu came a week before the bye this year, so this might not be the longest Sixpack in recent memory.
  2. Something about playing on a soccer pitch makes a tie seem like more of a natural result, and the fact this game took place in England made the whole day just feel weird. You guys can ring in on this, but I felt like this was one of the better games played in the UK in recent memory, and the fact that we dropped a tie on the British fans makes me wonder what they think about the NFL now. Surely they must know that our game is not built to finish in many ties, but they are so accustomed to seeing draws, maybe they didn’t mind? (I minded.)
  3. I know I am late to the Josh Norman officiating-bashing party, and you don’t see me complain about referees in this space very often, but what the hell? The kind of contact that Norman was flagged for play after play is the kind of contact you see on most plays in the NFL. In fact, when you don't see that kind of contact, it generally is because the cornerback isn't good enough to even stay close to a wide receiver like A.J. Green. I worry about our defense’s future plans in coverage if players like Norman are forced to adjust to play the way the refs in London called that game. I do think that Norman did the right thing by getting vocal about it after the game—even if it costs him some money. That should help him avoid at least a few of those calls (unless the refs all band together against him, but I don’t see Norman as the kind of player that people see that way.)
  4. I was once again impressed with our offense. Rob Kelley got four yards per carry, Jamision Crowder and Jordan Reed were both targeted 13 times in the passing attack and once again Vernon Davis came up huge. Kirk Cousins had a huge day and I am sorry to say I was wrong: I predicted that Kirk would throw over 50 times in a WIN. Here is my takeaway: our passing game is evolving right in front of our eyes, and will serve us well down the stretch...but...
  5. We are going to need just...a...little...bit...more from our defense. I mean just that...a little bit more. It is the difference between holding onto an interception or figuring out a way to keep those quarterback scampers from gaining soul-crushing first downs. It is a fine line, and isn’t meant to detract from the job that our defense did, which in general was pretty darned good. It is just that...little...bit...more.
  6. At 4-3-1, I officially have no idea what to think about our playoff chances. A winning record through the first half of the season should be something we celebrate, but having two weeks to stew on a tie leading up to a game against the league’s #1 defense (Minnesota Vikings) leaves my stomach in knots (maybe that is the flu). I’ll be in the saddle tomorrow night on The Audible, where I hope to pick up this discussion with a clearer head and a calmer restitution.