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Gif Recap: Redskins Tie With Bengals 27-27 via Eurotrip

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Wait a minute, you can tie?

Waking up for a 9:30 AM game, the day after Halloween bar crawls.

Redskins march up to field and score on their first drive.

My response to the other bar patrons who are acting too groggy and tired to join in HTTR with me.

The Bengals answer back with a TD of their own. It seems Lewis and Gruden came for a showdown.

Redskins FG attempt is good, then the Bengals kicker misses wide left.

Kirk “throws a pick” but it’s just a punterception. We’re not even mad.

What the refs say Josh Norman is doing.

Now we miss a FG. Should I start to worry about this?

Andy Dalton fakes us out with the QB run.

Redskins retake the lead with back to back TDs

Oh god. We’re going to OT?

We settle in to watch a chip shot FG and take home the win.

But a moment of old school #Redskins luck kicks us right in the feels.

So after all that effort...

Some of the fans want to punish Dustin Hopkins

If Kelley doesn’t take over for Jones soon, fans might start criticizing the GM