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Hello, My Name Is....

An introduction of the newest contributor to Hogs Haven

First off, allow me to say how honored and excited I am to be a member of the Hogs Haven community. It’s truly a privilege to be able to publish my thoughts, opinions, and analysis on a site such as Hogs Haven and can’t wait to get started.

Now I know you don’t want to read on and on about who I am so I’m going to keep this short sweet and to the point. I am a former Division 1AA (or FCS) college football player and played football since I was in the fifth grade. I was a three year starter at Park View High School in Sterling, Virginia and walked-on to the brand new Old Dominion University football program in 2008. The program didn’t start actually playing games until the fall of 2009. I fought my way into the starting lineup as a walk on, earned a full-scholarship, and started all 4 years there. My time at ODU didn’t go anywhere close as I expected it would, in a good way. Through our first four seasons there we became the most successful start up football program in college football history, going 38-10 in our first four games.

Since graduating from ODU in 2012, I found a group of guys to start a podcast, The Hog Sty, in 2014 talking nothing but Redskins. I used my experience as a player to be the X’s and O’s expert; offering my insights and opinions from a player’s perspective. Outside of recording an episode weekly, twice a week during the season, I’d post clips on Twitter offering analysis of how the Redskins offensive line performed on the Sunday before. If you’ve been following me on Twitter before reading this, you’d know my specialty is the offensive line. I’ve played it my entire football career and I know the nuances and techniques needed to be a good offensive lineman. That’s what I’ll be bringing to the table here at Hogs Haven. I’ll be using my knowledge and experience to publish a focused analysis of the Redskins offensive line on a weekly basis. I’ll be posting on here very soon and look forward to interacting with all of you!


Robbie Duncan