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Redskins vs. Browns - Studs and Duds

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Mark Tyler gives his studs and duds for the Redskins game against the Browns.

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Sunday's victory over the Browns was an ugly one for the home team. The Redskins defense was gashed up the middle by the Browns running backs, and if it weren't for some key turnovers at pivotal moments in the game, the result could have been much different. Still, the Skins managed to earn their first home victory of the season, and improve their record to 2-2 on the season.

Below are my studs and duds of the game.


Spencer Long - Long took over at center for the injured Kory Lichtensteiger, and performed admirably. He held the point of attack against the Browns pass rush, and generated push in the run game; something we didn't see from Lichtensteiger. All of his snaps were on time and on target, and he didn't get called for any snap infractions - which were a problem with Kory in multiple games this season. Because of his presence up front, Matt Jones had his best performance of the season running the ball. This guy looks like a keeper at center.

Matt Jones - Jones found great success running between the tackles behind the Redskins revamped offensive line. He showed better vision, more power and didn't put the ball on the ground. He had 22 carries for 117 yards and a touchdown.

Jordan Reed - Reed didn't see the double coverage he's been seeing so far this season, and he took advantage of that, catching 9 passes for 73 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Trent Murphy - It's hard to find bright spots on the defense, but Murphy continued his strong 2016 campaign, recording 5 tackles, 2 for a loss, a sack and a quarterback hit.

Josh Norman - Ok, I get that he had a rough first half against Pryor, but the guy came out in the second half with a vengeance. He basically shut Pryor down in the third and fourth quarters, had some key tackles, and a huge interception. He also makes this list for the most bizarre penalty I've ever heard called in an NFL game - "shooting a bow and arrow".

Brandon Scherff - Sure he was called for a phantom holding call, that was actually an excellent block, but Scherff was a man-child throughout the game. I gave him an adjusted RBG of .92617 on plays run to the right side, which ranks him amongst the top two right guards for week 4 whos last names begin with the letter S.


Will Compton/Mason Foster - The "dynamic duo" showed again that they are way below average NFL inside linebackers. Neither could get off blocks and make tackles on Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson, who combined for 165 rushing yards and a touchdown - most of that coming right up the gut. Neither was a factor in coverage.

David Bruton - Bruton had yet another rough day on the back end of the Redskins defense. He was often walked up as a third linebacker in an attempt to stop the run, but that simply didn't work. Bruton can't tackle, can't cover, and looks like he doesn't belong on an NFL roster. I'm beginning to wonder if he has more missed tackles than he's made so far on the season.

The defensive line(minus Chris Baker) - It's bad up front, and we all knew this heading into the season, but it appears to be getting worse. Baker, Reyes, Hood, Jenkins and Jean Francois combined for 10 total tackles(4 of these by Baker), generated little pass rush, and were pushed around all day long by the Browns front five. Baker was the only bright spot, forcing a fumble and collapsing the pocket on a few occasions, but one man cannot do it alone.

Joe Barry - Has this man ever heard of a halftime ADJUSTMENT!

Jeff Triplette - Seriously...a penalty for "shooting a bow and arrow"? Doesn't he know that Norman was just honoring the team name by doing so? Come on man!