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Something Special: Why Did You Wait So Long?

As the story of 1991 continues, the Redskins clash with the Bears and Browns, and a new weapon emerges in the Washington arsenal.

Ricky Ervins

In part three of “Something Special,” the undefeated Redskins face off against a veteran, Super-Bowl-winning coach, and a young, up-and-coming, future championship-winning coach.

Both men would come away impressed.

Along the way, the Redskins would discover a new gamebreaker who would add even more firepower to Washington’s already dominant offense—a rookie who Joe Gibbs suspected had star potential all along.

The new episode, featuring games against the Bears and Browns, can be heard or downloaded in the player below. Past episodes are linked here:

Episode 1: Laying the Groundwork

Episode 2: Putting Romeo and Juliet to Shame