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Gif Recap - Redskins Fall 17-20 To Lions Via Get Him To The Greek

What I want to tell Stephen A. Smith in the days leading up to this game.

Someone points out that the Lions are actually very competitive right now.

Lions go 3 and out. It looks like the defense is about to have another good day.

We trade punts, and already it feels like instead of gaining yards, Matt Jones would rather...

The Lions get a scoring chance... and WHIFF. Ha!

Matt Jones is looking good, like he might score, and then...

Here comes the part where someone starts posting about Alfred again.

Alright, they get a FG, but we get back in position to answer it... and miss?

“Guess you shouldn’t have laughed so soon, right? Right?”

3-3 At the half. We need to find a way to wake up the Offense.

The Lions find the end zone. My friend looks poised to lecture me about stress drinking over “just a game”.

Fat Rob finds the end zone. We’re back in this thing!

Kirk fools EVERYBODY to run in for the TD!

Everyone is celebrating, but I keep thinking there’s still time on the clock, and this IS Matthew Stafford.

Redskins lose. Jones, Hopkins and Joe Barry shouldn’t wait around to meet with fans after this one.

Joe Barry listening to the players explain that rushing 3 isn’t enough.

The fans hearing Barry’s explanation of why he’s still going to rush 3.

It’s alright. There’s always next week. When are we meeting up for that one?