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Friday Night Mights

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This week, Ken Meringolo hopes to double down on his successful streak of bold Redskins predictions.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

In this space last week, I gave you Pierre Garcon as the difference-maker in the Eagles game. I came up short on the exact stat line, but as our friend Sebastian Salazar (@sebiSalazarCSN) affirmed on Redskins Talk, I was on to something!

This week, I will force myself to keep moving down the roster. It is not fair and no fun to pick the same guys over and over. That means no Jamison Crowder, no Will Blackmon and no Pierre Garcon. I quasi-picked Trent Murphy already as well, so despite my gut feeling that he will show up on Sunday in a meaningful way, I will keep pushing.

I have not yet picked Preston Smith?!?!?!


Here is a guy that came on very strong at the end of last season. Though he appeared in 16 games, he only started one during the 2015 campaign. In 2016, he has started all six contests (damn right), and has encountered stiffer resistance from opposing defenses. He has a half of a sack so far this season, that coming in the Eagles game. He is credited with a pass defensed, but his stat line otherwise looks pretty lonely.

That is all coming to an end this week. As the Redskins defense continues to gel, production is possible from more and more areas. Offensive coordinators have more and more to consider ahead of Redskins games these days, don’t they? That has the effect of opening up opportunities for players like Preston Smith. If you let up even on one play, Smith will exploit it.

My bold prediction this week is this: Preston Smith has two sacks and a turnover. I predict he will get into the Detroit backfield early and often, and will disrupt Stafford’s passing attack.

Who do you guys have this week?