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Redskins Defeat Eagles 27-20 Via Aliens Gifs

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Recapping the Redskins win over the Eagles with Aliens gifs

I figured the ALIENS franchise was a fitting reference for this week’s game.

  1. The defense was smothering, latched on and never let go.
  2. The run game went right down their throats
  3. It almost reminded us of the classic that used to be really scary back in the 80’s


Eagles week means a lot more Philly fans’ comments in the slop

Meanwhile, Skins fans try to speculate on how long it normally takes a player to get cleared for play

With Reed and Cravens downgraded to OUT, some fans start acting... concerned

But, Kerrigan finds out he’s lining up against a rookie RT

First drive of the game and Wentz is already taking a beating

Back to back TD drives have the Redskins offense like

Vernon Davis to the refs

We give up a special teams TD return and it feels all too familiar

After two huge blunders, the Redskins return from the half locked in a tie game. The tension is palpable

...but clutch work from the kicker and the RBs help beat back Philly’s hope for a rally

Meanwhile, the pass rush is still breathing down Wentz’s neck

and OUR retooled Oline is looking mighty

iH8 and Tyler watching Spencer Long’s progress

Maybe we don’t have to worry about division losses if we can just avoid prime time?

Eagles fans’ post game meltdown on their blog

Skins fans walking into their offices on Monday morning