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Hogs Haven Joins CSN’s Redskins Talk!

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The voice of Hogs Haven is loud and proud, and funneled through a funny-looking man in an awesome blazer!

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I struggled—mightily—getting this into my last post, but thankfully Kevin Ewoldt never really left us! Always looking out, he sent this over, and I now offer Hogs Haven the best present I can: a Monday morning chance to rip me to shreds! Hahahaha...have at it, y’all!

Seriously, JP Finlay is a pro, and the guys in the studio—host Sebastian Salazar, Santana Moss and JP Flaim of the Junkies—are fun to talk Redskins with after a win. This wasn’t my first appearance, but is my first time on the show when I wasn’t flanked by my wooden bear, Benjamin. (Benjamin is a mainstay in the basement studio, and a lifelong friend of Hogs Haven.)

Thanks also to all the true pros on the production side. When you have an opportunity to work with these people, you come to understand why guys like JP Finlay come off looking to so good—pros!