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After the Whistle - Season 83, Episode 5

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The Redskins remain on a winning streak, and head into a huge NFC East showdown with the Eagles in what is quickly becoming incredibly compelling television.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The "Spirit of Sonny" was flowing in the basement last night. Kevin, T and I got into a bottle of Redbreast Irish Whiskey and solved all the problems the Redskins may--or may NOT--actually have. In an era where it seems like EVERYONE is doing a podcast on something, we at The Audible refuse to just regurgitate headlines and beat dead horses. This show is about our favorite televised program: Redskins football. It deserves every deviation from the main path that we can muster.

We start with the difference between watching games on television versus watching games at the stadium, and I wonder how most people feel about this. More and more, I find the televised experience to be far better than the live experience, but when you get into tight games, the palpable stress level on-site adds something impossible to replicate in your basement. We do spend a few words on Ravens Nation, and the overall state of being a road fan in Baltimore.

As we moved into discussion of the game itself, I noted how it was rather surreal to look around the stadium and see that I was surrounded by people that must have felt exactly like I did on so many weeks at FedEx. I like to interject (perhaps too often) how terrible a lot of Sundays were in Landover in the 2000's and into the present. As I took in the view at M&T late in the fourth quarter, it occurred to me that I was on the other side of that feeling...that feeling of being gut-punched by a play that goes incredibly against you.

I wouldn't call The Audible the official Redskins podcast of Hogs Haven if we weren't having fun doing it and delivering a pretty solid treatment of each week. What other show is telling you why this game should have been rated TV-MA?

The last point made in this show that I'll tease is our discussion about why the Redskins being 3-2 is a big deal. No spoiler alerts, but I attempt to compare the beginnings of the last four or five seasons while pointing out that having a winning mark at this point in the season is kind of a new thing. A new thing worth celebrating.