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Recap of Redskins Win over Ravens with 'Lego Movie' Animated Gifs

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A recap of the highs and lows of the Redskins' 16-10 victory at the Baltimore Ravens with gifs from The Lego Movie.

The Redskins last win at Baltimore was October 23rd, 1955.

The Ravens scored on the first drive of the game to go up 7-0...

The next Ravens drive, Jamison Crowder returns a punt 85 yards for a TD. Is that a Special Teams touchdown?!?!

The next three Redskins drives go: Matt Jones fumble, turnover in downs, missed field goal.

The Ravens attempt a fake FG where Justin Tucker lines up left footed (he's right footed).

Pierre Garcon brings in a  21-yard Cousins pass to take the lead.

Ken Meringolo, who was at M&T Stadium, buying two beers with the Redskins winning late into 3rd quarter...

Cousins passed is intercepted, returned for what appears to be a TD, but it fumbles out of bounds and Skins get the ball back, which they turn into 3 points.

Flacco completes the game winning TD against Josh Norman in the corner with 0:39 seconds left.

...but his foot is out of bounds and the TD is reversed. Skins win.

Redskins players for their post game interviews...

The Redskins being back to a winning record....

Ravens fans' egos leaving M&T Stadium after losing their second straight game at home.

Washington D.C. with Nats winning and Redskins winning three straight deserves a second use: