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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 5

What stood out around the NFL after Week 5

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Arizona vs. San Francisco

Arizona looked a lot more like themselves against this horrendous team. Larry Fitzgerald continues to pile up stats strengthening his HOF resume. You wouldn't know it by how Arizona has played the past few weeks but David Johnson is the league’s best rusher in terms of yardage. Blaine Gabbert is horrendous it's time to start Kaepernick.

Washington vs. Baltimore

The Redskins offense started slow and the Ravens offense didn’t. Just for once can we score a TD on an opening drive and make an opponent go 3 and out on theirs? Anyway, Terrence West was abusing the Redskins defense. Thank GOD for Marc Trestman. The Ravens became one dimensional and the Skins pitched a shutout in the second half. I do hate the feeling of impending doom, even if it ends in a win. I felt the Redskins had about 3-4 chances to really put the game away but the offense failed to get into the end zone each time. Over/Under: Redskins will win a game by 3 touchdowns before 2018.

Houston vs. Minnesota

The pundits are right. Minnesota is clearly the best team in the NFC right now and quite possibly might be the most rounded team. There is still a lot of football to play but Sam Bradford has been balling out on offense, Asiata and McKinnon are a fine duo to fill in for AP. Also, the Minny D has been completely devastating to opponents. I don’t know where Houston is right now, as a team. Sure losing Watt was huge but there is something missing from their defense particularly in the secondary. Lamar Miller is running well and Osweiler is decent but there is a clear lack of cohesiveness with the Texans right now.

Indianapolis vs. Chicago

Actually, this was a fun game to watch. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bryan Hoyer might be a better QB than Jay Cutler. I have to think he’s going to be the guy barring injury. Indy once again was carried by Andrew Luck and they finally managed to pull out a W. Oh, Frank Gore doesn't look half bad for a 33-year-old RB.

New York (Jets) vs. Pittsburgh

Big Ben just picked apart the Jet’s defense all day long. It was impressive to watch but probably saddening if you're a Jets fan. Brandon Marshall is probably their best player on offense. I think Fitzpatrick’s struggles have been amplified with the absence of Eric Decker.

Tennessee vs. Miami

Well, I just got done “trashing” Marcus Mariota last week and he comes out and lights up the Dolphins. Granted, the Dolphins are pure trash, I wouldn't be surprised if the staff is fired mid-season. But Mariota looked good, he needs to look this good against better teams. Demarco Murray is still the best thing about the Tennessee offense. Sweet God Ryan Tannehill is trash, I praised him as recently as last season but he has fallen off a cliff.

Detroit vs. Philadelphia

Praise the Lions! Our friends in the NFC North knocked the Eagles down a peg and helped put the Redskins in the position to be leaders of the NFCE next week. Darius Slay (HOW SLAY?!) got a pretty nice extension in the offseason and I’m here to tell you all he deserved every penny of it for picking off Carson Wentz to end the game. Also, water is wet and Ryan Matthews fumbles.

New England vs. Cleveland

Tom Brady is back. He looks good.

Atlanta vs. Denver

What a surprise! I didn’t think this would be a win for the Falcons at all. I criticized the “hot hand” approach earlier in the season but the past couple of weeks the Falcon run game has really been on. Devonta Freeman got it done on the ground while Tevin Coleman got it done by receiving. Denver’s offense just couldn't get it done with Paxton Lynch this time around. He’s not quite ready to come out of the oven.

San Diego vs. Oakland

The Chargers are cursed but I’ll start with the good. Hunter Henry looks like he has the potential to be an absolute stud in a few years at TE. His release and ability to create separation reminds me of a certain player on the Redskins though not quite as refined yet. Even though Philip Rivers threw a couple of horrendous interceptions he largely played well and kept the Chargers in the game. Derek Carr is looking like an all pro. Jack Del Rio and Co. have really but together a solid Raider team this year.

Cincinnati vs. Dallas

If the Cowboys can beat the Bengals WE CAN BEAT THE BENGALS. Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott gashed the Cincy defense all game long. The Cowboys also somehow fielded this thing called defense as well. I’m willing to concede they are better than I initially thought but I still think there is some smoke and mirror action going on.

Los Angeles vs. Buffalo

Shady McCoy ran all over the Rams defense. I’m really glad I have him in one of my fantasy leagues and wish I drafted him in all the others. The Buffalo defense was a force. They got pressure on case Keenum and forced a couple of interceptions and got Todd Gurley to fumble. Keenum hasn't been god awful yet but I am still surprised Jared Goff has been kept on ice. The passing offense has to improve if the Rams are trying to get a shot at the post-season.

Green Bay vs. New York (Giants)

Eli looked pretty bad all night. Sometimes I feel sorry for him he gets hit and has an awkward fall down and almost always fumbles. The Packers DL got after him all night and it obviously put him off his game. The Packers also stifled the run and the Giants offense overall was horrendous. That D-Line full of money the Giants have could never really rattle Rodgers and is looking subpar.

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina

Boy oh boy, the panthers are in trouble. This drop off goes beyond Cam Newton and the run game not being who they were since last year. The defensive secondary is in shambles. I believe that a good front 7 makes it easier for the secondary. And I still believe that the Panthers have a great front 7. But those rookies playing CB are not ready. I could go on and on about how I think James Bradberry and Daryl Worley were over drafted but it wouldn’t change much. The Panthers made a decision that their draft picks at CB would be thrown into the fire when they released Josh Norman and recently cut Bene Benwikere. Now they have to live with the consequences.

Redskins Overreaction GIF

I missed last weeks GIF so my apologies but my reaction to Matt Jones’ goal-line TD run went something like this:

The gameplan for taking second place next Sunday. Fingers crossed!