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Join SB Nation's FanDuel Fantasy Football League Just in Time for Week One!

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 1. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!

SB Nation and Hogs Haven are bringing FanDuel one-week fantasy football to you just in time for the start of the season!

For anyone who hasn't used FanDuel before, it's very similar to traditional fantasy football... except for it's week-to-week and doesn't require the commitment of an entire season.

Go HERE to sign up for the SB Nation league which starts week one (September 13th).

Here's how it works:
  1. Sign up for FanDuel and enter the SB Nation league here.
  2. Get as many points as possible.
  3. Profit!

It's really that easy and simple.  You'll need to work on your football acumen and decide how much you want to spend on getting the best players on your team.  You'll be trying to get the best values each week.  Sure, you can spend big on the best players like Adrian Peterson or Aaron Rodgers, but you'll also need to find lesser expensive guys who can step up and outproduce what you paid for them.

Sign up and enjoy SB Nation's FanDuel league each week this year!