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Redskins Roster Cuts 2015: Tracking Washington's Latest Moves

Keeping track of the 21 cuts the Redskins need to make by tomorrow

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Roster cut dates and times

Tuesday, Sept. 1 4 p.m. ET -- Redskins Cuts Place Roster at 75

Saturday, Sept. 5, 4 p.m. -- Rosters must be trimmed from 75 players to 53-man regular-season limit

Sunday, Sept. 6 -- 10-man practice squads can be formed

Rumored/Reported Cuts:

OLB Sage Harold:

S Akeem Davis(potential IR):

WR Reggie Bell:

WR Colin Lockett:

RB Mack Brown:

TE D.J. Williams

C Austin Reiter

TE Je'Ron Hamm:

OL  Tyler Larsen

OT Takoby Cofield:

LB Terrance Plummer:

RB Trey Williams:

LB Houston Bates:

CB/WR Quinton Dunbar:

Reported/Rumored Making the Team:

QB Robert Griffin III:

WR Rashad Ross:

OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, CB Deshazor Everett:

S Trenton Robinson:

NFL news twitter feed:

Redskins twitter feed: