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Throwback Thursdays: Redskins 75-Man Roster

How do the players the Redskins are cutting to get to 75 in 2015 compare to those of last season?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Fight for Old DC: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Redskins needed to cut 14 players to get to 75 by 4:00 pm on August 26.  In doing so, they cut nine players who ultimately went on to spend time with other teams (including two who transitioned to play in the CFL).  Of those roster cuts, a few names garnered some attention.  Mike McGlynn started 13 games for the Chiefs last season, Adam Gettis spent time on Pittsburgh's practice squad before being signed to the Giants' active roster last season, Rashad Ross is making a big push for a spot on Washington's final 53 this year, Ross Madison is currently in the running for a spot on Denver's roster, and Rashad Lawrence has made catches in all three preseason games for the Bears in 2015.  Clearly, while the Redskins didn't say goodbye to any pro bowlers in their first round of cuts, they did cut players others saw as active roster-worthy.

Current State of Affairs: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The majority of the players who cleaned out their lockers at Redskins Park this week were rookies.  However, Bryce Quigley (Chargers), Chase Dixon (Redskins), and Trey Wolfe (Redskins) have spent time on NFL practice squads, and Willie Smith (Raiders, Chargers, Redskins) and Bryan McCann (Cowboys, Ravens, Raiders, Dolphins, Cardinals) previously spent time on active rosters.  When you consider the full list of cuts, players like Dixon, Smith, and McCann could very well end up being signed to other teams' rosters this year, and statistics and history tell us that a few of the rookies will join practice squads.  However, have the Redskins cut anyone who's likely to start 13 games, as McGlynn did, or make the move from the practice squad to an active roster this year, like Gettis did?

And the winner is...

with hesitation, the current state of affairs.  While you may argue that the Redskins still hanging on to a player they released at the cut down to 75 last year (Rashad Ross) says something negative about their current talent levels, I'd disagree.  Ross has shown improvement and value to the team during the preseason, and the Redskins could theoretically afford to cut TEs Brun, Dixon, and Mehina after trading for Derek Carrier and bringing in D.J. Williams.  There's also some strong competition and uncertain positions looming before Saturday, and that suggests the roster may be just a little bit stronger this time around.