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What Are the Odds? Week 4 Preseason Betting Time!

The Redskins play a football game that won't feature the starters. Here are some bets to make it interesting.

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

The current betting odds on tonight's game via SportsBookReview have the Redskins favored by 4 points at home, and have the over/under set at 40 points. If you feel so inclined to wager on Week 4 preseason football, the Redskins and the under are the bets I would place a few ducets on.  The Redskins are 3-0 straight up and against the spread this preseason, and their defense is giving up an average of 15.7 points per game, while the offense is averaging 24 ppg.

Colt McCoy gets the start tonight, and will play the entire game.  He has had a solid preseason so far as the 2nd/3rd string and looks to lock up the #2 spot on the Redskins tonight.  Several offensive playmakers like Rashad Ross, Reggie Bell, Trey Williams, and others are hoping to get noticed.

Week 4 preseason football is basically a last chance show for the bottom few guys who haven't earned their spots yet. Anything can happen, and amazing performances must be looked at in a slightly different perspective.  If you don't want to bet which team wins or loses, and by how much, here are some bets to keep it interesting:


Sacks for Houston Bates: 1.5

Colt McCoy ducks under a defender's arms to make a play: 2

Camera shows RGIII not smiling on the sidelines: 5

Time RGIII works out on the field pre-game: 53.5 minutes

The words "side chick" are shown on the screen: 0

A player's name is mispronounced: 3.5

Jay Gruden looks confused: 6

Kirk Cousins is shown smiling: 3

A Redskins defender misses a tackle: 7

A Jaguars fan shown...anywhere: 1

A player "has to make the team" in the game thread: 27

A veteran is definitely getting cut for this guy in the game thread: 15

Matt Jones is called a beast in the comments: 17

Times controversy is said on the air: 10

A local announcer sounds drunk: 4

A McCoy pass is compared to a waterfowl: 9

What some other bets to keep tonight's game interesting?