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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings Round-up

A look at where the Redskins rank among the various power rankings around the league.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Three weeks are in the books and it's time for another look in to see where the Redskins rank in the various Power Rankings around the web. Not surprisingly after a poor showing on Thursday Night Football the Redskins took a bit of a tumble, so where do they rank now?:

SBNation: 21st 25th

Washington Post: 24th 21st

Bleacher Report: 29th

Pro Football Talk: 29th

This is an interesting week in looking at these various rankings because while everyone acknowledges that the Redskins have issues these six different evaluations (one of which is myself) are split in three pairs. Two have the Redskins ranked 21st which isn't great, but has at least a little promise. Two rankings are in the mid 20's, which is obviously a little less optimistic and is a slight upgrade from the bottom of the barrel. The final two have the Redskins at 29th which is saying they are the 4th worst team in the league and has basically no hope of improvement.

This week it's tough to say who is right and wrong with these rankings. After a horribly awful performance last Thursday night, it's easy to see why there are concerns about this team. Add in the fact that the Redskins lost two more starters for significant time and at positions where the Redskins lack depth. It is easy to see why some really have eliminated hope for the Redskins.

My take on it all? Well the Redskins are in trouble if they don't turn it around fast. After the Rams game this team felt like given the issues in the NFC East around them they could maybe be a surprise team and sneak into the playoffs. Now after this past weekend, those hopes feel more foolish. I don't think they should be dashed all together as this was just one game and plenty of average and good teams will have some games like this from time-to-time.

One concern about the Redskins future comes from forces outside of their control. A big part of the reason for some optimism was the fact that the Cowboys had suffered major injuries and looked to be hampered for awhile, the Eagles were dysfunctional and the Giants just weren't very good.

Well after week 3 is in the books those outlooks feel a bit different. Yes the Cowboys lost, but they played a good Falcons team tough and almost won that game, they might not be as helpless as people think while they wait for Romo/Bryant. The Eagles went on the road and avoided going 0-3 versus a tough Jets team that looked really good the first two weeks. Not everything is fixed in Philly, but they don't seem to be as bad as they were a week ago. As for the Giants if they aren't a very good team as some might suggest, what does that make the Redskins after New York was in control the entire game and played well in all three phases?

The Redskins road for the division looks tougher than it did a week ago and suffering a divisional loss is a big part of that. Even if you don't expect the Redskins to contend and are just looking for a .500 finish things could get dicey. This is where the additional injuries come into play as even though DeAngelo Hall is expected back later this year and hopefully some other players can come back soon, will it be enough for this team? The early part of the Redskins schedule looked like the easy part of the season and where the Redskins need to make a run. Well now they are 1-2, and their next four games vs Eagles, @Falcons, @Jets and vs the Buccaneers look a bit tougher.

The season should by no means be considered over after one bad loss, but this team has some clear issues they need to work out. To make a run the Redskins are going to need to lucky, and unfortunately with the injuries piling up their luck hasn't been good of late. Now a win this week versus the Eagles could change that perception and put them in a much better place, right now though there is some cause for concern.

What do you think? Where do you think the Redskins should be ranked? Give your answer in the comments!