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Report: Redskins Have No Plans to Trade Robert Griffin III

RGIII is not the problem, and the Redskins have no plans to trade him according to Jason LaCanfora's sources.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III will be a Redskin for the rest of the season and he is not a problem on the team according to sources that spoke with CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora.  Griffin has been on the bench since suffering a concussion vs the Detroit Lions in Week 2 of the preseason. Head Coach Jay Gruden announced that Kirk Cousins would be the starter for the 2015 season and this would be his team. Griffin has been relegated to 3rd string, even after being cleared from the NFL's concussion protocol, and appears to be staying there for the foreseeable future, possibly for the rest of his time as a Redskin.

There has been plenty of trade speculation surrounding Griffin since it was made apparent that he would no longer be the starter, but the $16.177 million 5th year option for next season is a major roadblock in any trade scenario.  Trading Griffin would be the best situation for the Redskins financially, removing the possibility of an injury triggering his guarantee, and also removing most of the $3.27 million base salary for this season.  But GM Scot McCloughan is not looking to trade him, and teams have not inquired about a potential trade according to LaCanfora's report.

"Scot does not want to trade him," said one source very familiar with the situation. "He really doesn't. That's not something he is even thinking about. He's still getting to learn about him and what he can do and what he's all about. This kid was the 2012 Rookie of the Year for a reason and you don't just fall into that stuff. He's not giving up hope on him."

No team has called Washington to determine an asking price or even engage in preliminary trade talks, and with Griffin's 2016 salary of $16 million guaranteed for injury, perhaps none will. Regardless, it's far more likely Griffin is on Washington's roster this season, even with his fifth-year option. And, sources said, with Griffin now a few weeks back from his concussion absence, it's not out of the question that he takes over the No. 2 spot from Colt McCoy in the coming weeks.

It was reported by Jeff Darlington that Griffin would have the chance to earn his way back up the roster, but that those plans had changed due to concerns over the injury guarantee in Griffin's option.  LaCanfora reports conflicts with that, saying that RGIII will have an opportunity to move up the depth chart to the #2 spot, supplanting Colt McCoy.

LaCanfora's sources also shot down recent reports that there is animosity between Kirk Cousins and Griffin

Contrary to a recent Bleacher Report story, numerous team sources in various capacities said there is no animosity between Kirk Cousins and Griffin. The two are seen regularly chatting while walking down the halls together, going from one meeting room to another. There is no palpable tension and Griffin has actually handed his demotion much better than some anticipated he could. He's fulfilled scout-team duties and hasn't stirred anything up in the media.

And for those hoping Griffin will be outright released to get rid of the drama? That's not likely to happen either.

Washington is not going to offer him around and has no interest in dealing him. The idea posited by some in early September that they would just release him is totally unfounded and will not be happening.