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Sunday Slop: Gameday- Redskins vs Rams

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day!

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*Sorry this is so short I am heading to the game and running late, post any other links in the comments. HTTR!

Preston Smith's early growth excites Redskins | ESPN Redskins Blog

But the good news for the Redskins is Smith has continued to improve and looks a lot different now than he did early in camp. He won't burn tackles off the edge with speed, but in his last three games or so (including the preseason) his power has been more noticeable. He's also thinking far less -- early in camp you could almost see the thought process, "Now I should try my rip move." Now? Just reacting and using his hands, which always were the strength of his game. I loved the sack/fumble he produced last week. It stemmed as a result of good stunt with Jason Hatcher in which both men surprised the man across from them -- and both showed excellent power. Before camp I predicted he'd have the starting job by season's start but that didn't happen. I do believe it will soon.

Redskins understand the magnitude of the Rams game | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins are well aware how big an early-season game this is. They can recover from an 0-2 record, of course, but they know losing the first two home games of the year -- on the heels of a four-win season -- is not a good look. For what it's worth, they were pleased with what Kirk Cousins showed in the opener (yes, I'm sure some of you won't be surprised to learn that). Yes, there were some turnovers -- they did not find fault with Cousins for the second one. (Like me, they felt Cousins could have executed better on the previous play, a deep corner to Jordan Reed that the safety broke up. Needs to hold the safety better in the middle with his eyes.) They also felt he made some excellent throws. But the bottom line is that they also know they must score more than 10 points, and there was a definite sense that a lot of good was wasted in the first half vs. Miami.

Film Review: 4th down frustration | Breaking Burgundy

With Jackson out the Redskins will need to rely on Garcon | CSN Washington