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HH's Hump Day NFL Pick'em - Week 2

Guess what day it is??? Mike Harar is back with Year 3 of his weekly pick'em contest - with new and improved prizes brought to you by NRG!!

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Welcome everyone to Week 2 of the 2015 Hump Day NFL Pick'em!

As we mentioned last week, we are back and so happy to continue to work with the good folks at NRG, who provided the excellent prizes last year and will continue to do so this season!


Our beloved Redskins suffered a devastating loss to the Dolphins in Week 1 and really put a damper on the start of the season.  The Hump Day staff and I were then treated to a disastrous first week of picks.  In our ten selections, we were 3-6-1, and scored a shockingly bad 3 points.

Last Thursday night during our fine show, The District, which can be heard right here on and WBAD Radio from 7pm-8pm EST every week, we announced our two contestants.  However, we have not heard from either of them yet to know what their Hogs Haven usernames are.  They have been emailed, and if they would kindly get back to us, we could then check the scores and announce a winner.

Going forward, when registering for the prize on Rafflecopter, please use your Hogs Haven username as your first name and we will easily be able to find your picks.

Having said all that, let's move on to Week 2 and go over the rules again.

The new rules are below:

This is a weekly contest in which I will make ten game picks each Wednesday and invite you, the loyal Hogs Haven readers, to make your own picks in the comments section.

I will still make my picks each week based on the early lines set in Las Vegas, but instead of picking a winner for every game, I will choose ten games that I feel are the most significant.  The games chosen will always include the nationally televised games, the Redskins games (of course), and then whatever other games I find interesting.   This change is not purely due to my laziness, but laziness did play a large role.

I am not capping the amount of entrants this year, so everyone who comments with their picks after the post goes up (using the games I chose), and enters Rafflecopter will have a chance.

******Note: Going forward, please use your Hogs Haven username as your first name (on Rafflecopter) to make it easier to locate your picks in the comments section.******

Two contestants will be chosen using Rafflecopter.  I will announce the two contestants on Thursday night at 7:30pm on our show "The District" found right here on Hogs Haven and streaming live on WBAD radio.

As I mentioned above, I will incorporate the spread as determined by Las Vegas the Tuesday before the games and you can earn 1 point for each correct choice. The contestant with the best score will be the winner.  Ties will be decided, as usual, by our lovely assistant, who will draw a name out of my favorite, dirty, Redskins hat.

The winner will be announced on the next week's Hump Day Pick'em and earn a fabulous prize, courtesy of NRG, that will then be mailed to them.  Each week the prize will change, and every week a prize will be given out.

Simple right?!?!

Here are my 10 picks for this week:

Denver Broncos (+3) at Kansas City Chiefs: At this point in the season, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is on pace for 32 touchdowns and 1,696 yards on 96 receptions. Pick: Chiefs (-3)

San Francisco 49ers (+5.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown's next catch will make him the fourth player in Steelers history with 400.  He probably thinks he's better than me.  Pick: Steelers (-5.5)

New England Patriots (-1) at Buffalo Bills: Remember last week when I said Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor would explode and prove everyone wrong?  Well, I did, and there's no need to go back and check. Pick: Patriots (-1)

Arizona Cardinals (-1.5) at Chicago Bears: When asked about his performance after last week's game (307 yards, 3 td's), Carson Palmer said he was mostly pleased but a little disappointed that I hadn't started him in my fantasy league.  This was referred to me secondhand, but I believe it to be true.  Pick: Bears (+1.5)

Tennessee Titans (-1) at Cleveland Browns: I bet when Johnny Manziel looks at Marcus Mariota, he sees a younger version of himself, only less good looking and with lamer friends.  Pick: Browns (+1)

St. Louis Rams (-3.5) at Washington Redskins: Has any team suffered more injuries to start the season than the Redskins?  None of that matters, though, because now that Kai Forbath is gone everything will be better. Pick: Redskins (+3.5)

Atlanta Falcons (+2) at New York Giants: Word to the wise: When Eli Manning tells you in the huddle not to score, probably go ahead and score anyway. Pick: Giants (-2)

Dallas Cowboys (+5) at Philadelphia Eagles: While I usually don't root for an Eagles victory, I'll make a special exception here.  Pick: Eagles (-5)

Seattle Seahawks (+3.5) at Green Bay Packers: I'd like to thank the Seahawks and their amazing comeback/eventual loss for salvaging an otherwise very dark Week 1. Pick: Packers (-3.5)

New York Jets (+7) at Indianapolis Colts: I'd hate to be the Jets this week.  Not necessarily because they're playing the Colts, but just in general. Pick: Colts (-7)

So there are my Week 2 picks. The winner this week will have this fabulous prize to look forward to, courtesy of NRG:

Two tickets to the Redskins - Eagles game at Fed Ex Field on October 4th!!!!!

That's right!!!!!!!  We're giving away another pair of tickets to the game on October 4th!  I will announce this week's two contestants, as chosen by Rafflecopter, on tomorrow night's episode of "The District", and the winner will be announced next Wednesday on the next Hump Day post.

Good luck!!!!

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