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Saturday Slop: Redskins getting ready for week 1

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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A closer look at the Dolphins: Lamar Miller and Jarvis Landry pose a threat to the Redskins D | Washington Post

Once he reaches the second level, Miller can punish defenders for poor angles and tackling form. That is bad news for a Redskins secondary that has struggled over the past few years to make open-field tackles. Miller hits the open field here and forces the deep safety to come down to try and make the tackle. He takes a bad angle, allowing Miller to run wider and elude the poor tackle attempt. That poor angle cost the Jets a 97-yard touchdown.

ROLB: Preston Smith vs Trent Murphy - Film Study | Breaking Burgundy

The only true trait that sets them apart is athletic upside; that goes to Preston Smith. When watching film, you can see he just has a different kind of burst when locked in. This was the gripe most had with the Trent Murphy pick in 2014. He never showed the athleticism to beat LTs in the NFL. Therefore, his ceiling never appeared higher than Ryan Kerrigan's back-up. At least, if he stayed at OLB.

Redskins must stop Miami's new weapons on offense | ESPN Redskins Blog

Miami uses a lot of misdirection, looking a lot like Philadelphia by usingthe bes similar concepts. They love sending players one way after the snap, only to hit a run the other way -- fool the eyes; in the red zone beware a receiver going in motion at the snap behind the backs (drawing safety attention away from the middle) only to see the fullback used on a quick hitter. Or fake a zone read one way and throw back the other way to the tight end.

Mailbag: Redskins want to find ways to get Matt Jones touches | ESPN Redskins Blog

Jones is a good fit for what they want to do with their power run game and he has more big-play potential than Alfred Morris. But Morris has had a good summer and has been productive in the NFL for three seasons, so I'm not predicting he'll be supplanted any time soon. However, I also believe Jones will get the ball more than what Roy Helu or the primary backup has in the past. Helu had a combined 102 carries the past two seasons. And if Jones starts producing, then he'll keep getting more touches.

Facing Suh and Wake, young Skins OL must grow up quickly | CSN Washington

Offensive line. There will be no easing into the season for the young right side of the Redskins' offensive line. Second year tackle Morgan Moses and rookie guard Brandon Scherff will be put on the spot immediately as they line up opposite Dolphins end Cameron Wake and four-time first team All-Pro tackle Ndamukong Suh. Wake, a Beltsville, Md. native, has 63 sacks since 2009 and his explosiveness off the snap is certain to test Moses, who will be making his second career start. Scherff, meantime, figures to see his fair share of Suh, who is arguably the most disruptive D-lineman in the game.

Kerrigan will determine his own snap count during the game | CSN Washington

"He's in great shape. Ryan's going to keep himself in great shape. But as you all know, the game of football is a physical ... it's going to be a hot Sunday afternoon how he handles guys blocking him and rushing the passer consistently will determine how many plays he plays. He's the type of guy that's really on his own pitch count. You're tired you get yourself out. If you're not tired, you stay your butt in there. I think he'll gauge that . . . Ryan is on his own."

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