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Kirk Cousins the First T-Shirts Are Back!

Kirk Cousins has returned as the starter of the Washington Redskins and his t-shirt came with him.

It's been almost exactly one year since Kirk Cousins became the starter of the Washington Redskins for the 2nd time following Robert Griffin III's ankle injury Week 2 vs the Titans.  The fine folks at BreakingT created the Kirk Cousins the First(KC1) t-shirt to show support for the team's new starting QB, and we even gave a few of them away in a caption contest for this classic Cousins gif:

Cousins has once again been named the starter for the Washington Redskins and BreakingT has brought the KC1 shirt back! Robert Griffin III suffered a concussion in Week 2 of the preseason vs the Detroit Lions, and Captain Kirk took over the team the following week.  Head Coach Jay Gruden named him the starting QB, not only for Week 1 against the Miami Dolphins, but for the entire season, saying Kirk made the decision easy with his play.  Is it finally Cousins chance to take over the team, and show that he is a starting-caliber QB in the NFL?  He will be given that shot again this season to prove it.  Now it's time for everyone to support the Washington Redskins starting QB the same way that Tom Compton did above...

T-Shirts Available Here

T-Shirts Available Here