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Jaguars vs. Redskins: Five Questions with Big Cat Country

We asked Big Cat Country five questions about the current state of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) will make the trip to FedEx Field to visit the Washington Redskins (3-0) Thursday night.  We asked Ryan Day from Big Cat Country five questions about the 2015 version of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jags come into the 2015 season with a new OC in Greg Olson, Doug Marrone has come over from being the Bills HC last year to being the Jags Assistant HC/OL Coach this year, and entering Gus Bradley's second season as HC of the team.  Thanks to Ryan and Big Cat Country for their questions and answers.

1.  How have A.J. Cann and Ben Koyack looked throughout training camp and the preseason? They are two guys a lot of Redskins fans had their eye on prior to the draft.

"Ben Koyack is right on the bubble, honestly. He's certainly good enough to be a practice squad candidate, and I like him as a prospect at the No. 4 tight end position, but the fact is Nic Jacobs has gotten more playing time. Frankly, Jacobs has done better than I thought he would in the middle of the field. I had him pegged as a slimmed down offensive tackle who could help block, but he was a threat in the passing game last week against Detroit. If the Jaguars go with four tight ends, I think Jacobs makes it and Koyack is stashed on the practice squad."

"As far A.J. Cann, he's a project. I thought he'd push Zane Beadles for the left guard position, but that hasn't happened yet. Beadles is firmly the starter. It's not a physical thing or a strength thing, it's a mental thing. He's just not there. I do think, however, that Cann will make the push we all think (and hope) he will by the middle of the season and could very well become the starter before the year is out."

2.  Blake Bortles has played very well throughout the preseason. How are the fans feeling about him coming into this season? What are the expectations?

"Our feeling? It's about time. We haven't had this type of feeling with a quarterback since the 90's. Bortles isn't just dominating backups and vanilla defensive schemes. He's making reads, going through his progressions, and fitting the ball through tight windows. Couple that with the fact he's just as mobile, but is now less ready to just tuck and run at the first sign of pressure and you've got one happy fan base."

3.  What's the backfield look like this year? How much time for Yeldon, Robinson, Gerhart, Pierce, etc.? Seems to be a backfield with some very good potential.

"I wasn't a big fan of drafting Yeldon. I thought it was a reach, and it probably still could be considered as much. But from what I saw last week against Detroit, Yeldon is a balanced runner who is versatile enough to line up in the slot and catch the ball if offensive coordinator saw something in a defense he wanted to exploit."

"As far as the rest of the backs, Gerhart is what he is -- a downhill runner who needs a solid supporting cast around him. That's not ideal, but that's also why he's no longer the bell-cow back. Robinson will see more time at a range of positions like slot receiver, third-down back, and returner. Pierce is a guy who will make a bigger impact than people realize. He's a third-down back who has shown the instincts of a feature back. He's not a No. 1 guy by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're a guy who's coming in for a spell or a third down, I'll take a guy with instincts any day."

4.  Out of the guys who are actually going to play for the Jags on Thursday, who are some unknown guys Redskins fans should keep an eye on/pay attention to?

"Rashad Greene. I've been really impressed with his route-running, his speed, and his hands. I think he'll end up being one of the steals of the draft."

5.  How big of a blow is the loss of Dante Fowler, Jr. to your team?

"Well, seeing as how we have three sacks through three preseason games, I'd say it's a big blow. Listen, Fowler was never the difference between a playoff run and a losing record, but if we can't pressure the quarterback this year, it's going to be a long season."