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Daily Slop: Kerrigan's contract and camp reports

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Redskins Gruden sees RG3 in a 'steady climb' | CSN Washington

"He's been doing fine," said Gruden. "It's just going back to the basics really. We're continuing to build off what we did last year and then obviously in OTAs. It's just all about repetition now and gaining more knowledge of the system, anticipation and a feel for the throws and the protections and the run game . . . We evaluate the heck out of him. Matt [Cavanaugh] coaches the heck out of him, Sean [McVay] does. Overall I think he's handled everything extremely well. He's benefiting from Coach Cavanaugh's presence and he's benefiting from the repetitions. I feel like he's on a steady climb and we've just got to keep him that way."

Need to know: Redskins read and react, the week that was in Richmond | CSN Washington

Morgan Moses turns his injury into a positive, and angles of key role of a back-up | Washington Post

Moses has improved his technique and now plays with better leverage thanks to adjustments offensive line coach Bill Callahan has made to his game. Moses also is learning ways to better use his hands and arms to hold pass rushers at bay.

David Amerson relegated to 4th corner role keeps his head up | Washington Post

But what he preached to Amerson is that talent can't sustain an NFL career. Pros who have long careers don't rely on talent; they become students of the game and treat football like a job rather than prolonged adolescence.

Ryan Kerrigan's contract puts him among the tops at his position | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins made it a priority to sign linebacker Ryan Kerrigan to a contract extension before the season. He received a lot of cash, obviously, but it's not an unfriendly deal by any means. Kerrigan hasn't missed a game in his first four seasons and is coming off a 13.5-sack season. He's also second in the NFL since 2011 in forced fumbles with 15. So, yes, he does make plays.

Terrance Knighton, Redskins OL swap tips to improve game | ESPN Redskins Blog

"When you catch them doing it, they try to act like they didn't and sometimes I tell them, 'Before you get in your stance, know where you're going and get a poker face,'" Knighton said. "A lot of times I'll tell them about their eyes and stance and things I see pre-snap, anything that tips me off. Sometimes they're like, ‘Did you know the play?' I'll tell them why I knew what was going on."

Redskins hopeful Junior Galette can start working soon | ESPN Redskins Blog

Junior Galette. The newly-signed linebacker hasn't been able to practice yet -- he's still recovering from a pectoral injury in June. But the Redskins do expect him to get on the field soon, even if it's just to do some light drills. There's a hope, one Redskins official said, that day will be today. And they're hoping he'll practice soon.

Redskins weekly training camp thoughts |