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I Like Kirk Cousins....Really, I Do

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Some have accused me of being a Robert Griffin III homer. This is simply not true. Was I excited when we moved up in the draft to select the Heisman Trophy winner - yes, but partly because we have not had a franchise QB in D.C. since Joe Theisman, and partly because we had not spent a high pick on the position since Heath Schuler. Was I thrilled in 2012 when the rookie took the league by storm and led us to a 10-6 record and a NFC East championship - heck yea I was! Was I bragging when Griffin was names NFL Rookie of the Year at seasons end - absolutely! But, aside from all this, I route for the TEAM!

See, the problem with Redskins fans, and I mean TRUE diehard fans of the team, is we haven't had much to celebrate since Synder bought the team. We've had the big splash free agents that always seemed to backfire. We've had high draft picks that have never panned out. We've had some big-named coaches that have failed. In short, we've been in misery for years!

So when a young rookie signal caller enters the league, and totally energizes an entire nation with his play on the field, even the most closet Redskins fans were finally free to come out and show their colors. Griffin's jersey was one of the hottest selling in the league. His commercials were entertaining. His social life was fun to follow, and his personality was polarizing to say the least. Yes Virginia(and Maryland and D.C.)there is a Santa Clause, and he dropped off a big present to the DMV! The Redskins were finally relevant again, and this time for the right reasons.

Fast forward two years, two/three injuries, one new head coach, two new offensive systems, 3000 negative media articles(2500 written by Jason Reid), one wedding, two trademarks, five new Adidas shoes, one baby, four worthless offensive linemen, and a dysfunctional owner later.....and you have the 2015 version of RG-not-so-3!

A district swims in misery. A fan base is torn apart by the very media that once crowned our QB King. Our owner thinks of creative ways to save face from the trade that set the franchise back 5 years.

Where do we go from here?

Like I said(and have always said) - I like Kirk Cousins. I think he can be a damn good quarterback in this league. I think our team can win with him under center, and I think our team can rally their support around him.

Will he he be the next face of Subway? I highly doubt it. Will he have a shoe named after him? Probably not. Will he take pictures of himself with adoring fans in a local mall and post them to his Instagram with the hashtag "living the life".....NO! What he possibly could do is unite a team with no identity around him, and give them a name, command the respect of his teammates, and know they will play 110% for him at all times, and listen to what his coaches tell him to do while working every day to improve his craft.

Here are the strengths of Kirk Cousins:

1) Good arm - able to make all the NFL throws

2) Good mobility - can extend plays when he need to

3) Good pocket presence - can slide to avoid pressure and create throwing lanes

4) Good accuracy - throws a fairly accurate, catchable ball

5) Good leader - this was said about him from his time at Mich St.

6) Hard worker - will immerse himself in film study

7) Quick release - anticipates receivers breaks and can throw a receiver open

I like Kirk Cousins, really, I do. I have always liked Kirk Cousins, really, I have. Is he the answer to the quarterback dilemma that has plagued this team for decades?.....I don't know. I will continue to be upset that things went down the path they are going for Robert, because I feel with the right system and support in place, he can and will be a good quarterback in this league, but taking the risk to find out if Cousins can be "the guy" surly can't hurt at this point.

We have sunken to an all-time low in dysfunction. Things can only go up from here.