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Redskins vs Ravens - Tyler's Takes

Some notes and observations from Saturday's Redskins/Ravens game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins vs Ravens

1st Quarter:

- T Murphy drops back to WILL backer, gets chopped easily on run play by OL
- Great hit at LOS by Ihenacho; drives RB backwards
- Steve Smith burns Amerson on shallow corner for long catch-and-run TD

- Cousins nice poise in pocket; hits Roberts for first down on 3rd and 4
- Licht driven 5 yards into backfield on run to the left
- Cousins throws INT on WR screen to Suggs

- Offense pass interference called on Ravens
- Nice job of coming up on screen pass to make good tackle by Ihenacho

*Tucker's 31 yard FG good

- Cousins fumbled snap. Offense recovers
- Nice pass to right sideline to Reid from Cousins for 1st down
- Cousins hits Grant for 1st off play-action
- Grant drops deep ball to the middle of the field that hit him in hands.
- Cousins hits sideline route to Roberts for 13 yards and 1st down
- Licht gets absolutely blow up and driven 7 yards into backfield on run play. Big loss
- C Thompson gets nice chunk of yards on Screen to right
- Cousins makes nice throw to Reid on out route
- Skins stopped on 4th down

- Amerson makes great break on comeback and almost makes INT
- Smith makes catch and breaks tackle by Amerson to get 1st down
- TD to TE called back for penalties - replay 1st down

2nd Quarter:

- Great play on deep ball by Hall, who knocks ball out of WR's hands

*Tucker hits 48 yard FG

- Scherff pulls, and seals his man. Thompson can't get around end
- J Reid horrible attempt at block on Morris run to the right
- Cousins has all day on rollout to Right. Crowder made catch for first
- Cousins misses an open Grant. 4th down

- Good stop on run by Knighton
- Flacco almost sacked by Hatcher, flips ball away at last second

*Tucker misses 46 yard FG

- Moses called for holding
- Cousins hits Crowder for short gain
- Matt Jones big gain on short pass from Cousins. Nice RAC
- Ryan Grant makes some nice moves after short catch
- Matt Jones breaks big run on 3rd and 1. Shows very good speed and burst
- Cousins changes play at LOS. Throws DIG route. Ball deflected and Crowder snatches it for a TD.

- Schaub sacked by Preston Smith. Ravens forced to punt.

- Ravens called for roughing the passer
- Cousins catches his own batted pass and runs for positive yards
- Crowder snatches ball right at 1st down marker. New set of downs
- Cousins threads needle to Grant for first
- Next play, Cousins hits Grant who breaks tackle and takes it to the 1
- Thompson scores on one yard run

*Huge return by Ravens down to the 2 yard line. Caught from behind by Rogers

- Keenan Robinson stops RB just short of goal line
- Fumble by Ravens before RB reached goal line - Redskins get ball at 1. Great play by Baker to knock ball out

3rd Quarter:

- McCoy making guys miss and completing some passes
- Jones breaks big run off left side
- Jones for another big run. Shows great burst yet again. Good block by Kouandjio
- McCoy hits Ross in back of end zone for TD

- Preston Smith pressures Schaub who throws INT to Jeffcoat

- A Willie Smith sighting in 3rd quarter - lined up as RT
- McCoy hits Ross for another TD

- Big hit on short pass by T Plummer
- Sack by Baker
- Jeffcoat with a sack-fumble on Schaub. Ravens recovered

- McCoy with nice intermediate pass to the sidelines to Ross

4th Quarter:

- Plummer all over the field making tackles
- Jarrett with the INT inside 10 yard line

*D Everett with huge hit on punt that causes fumble. Our new TE Carrier recovers

- Brown gaining very little behind this offensive line

*Forbath hits 44 yard FG

Game Notes:
- Licht was blown up early on in this game. Twice he ended up deep in our backfield after being stood up and driven back by the defensive tackle. Very poor job of "attempting" to anchor.
- Duke Ihenacho was flying around making a lot of tackles. Gets injured on play in 2nd quarter, but wasn't serious. Looks much more comfortable and aggressive than Johnson.
- Matt Jones looks much faster than his 40 time suggests, both running and receiving the ball. If we are considering playing the best 11, he should be in the talks to start. Kid is a beast in the second level.
- Knighton was very active on defense in first half. Generated a lot of push up front. It definitely helped those around him too.
- Chris Baker played a nice game and will definitely be a big part of the defensive rotation this year. He's powerful, with active hands. Made a big play by the goal line knocking the ball out of the RB's hands, and causing a fumble in the end zone.
- Preston Smith remained very active during the game, chasing a few plays down form the back side in the running game, and applying pressure off the edge; recording a sack in the process. He needs to play more violently with his hands, but that will come in time.
- I thought Moses played well, aside from the holding call, and the poor block on the screen; but hey, that is Suggs who made that INT, and he's one of the best in the game at his position. I won't put all the blame on Moses, as Kirk should have recognized that and threw the ball at the receivers feet. You can see the improvement with Moses' feet and hands in pass protection.
- Scherff showed much better against the Ravens, but also noted that he was often the help guy in pass pro, and didn't have to face one-on-one match ups that often. Looked ok in the run game. Got movement up front and showed good position on a power pull.
- Lauvao's name was barely mentioned, which turned out to be a good thing. Both he and Trent looked good on the left side.
- Besides the interception on the screen pass, Cousins threw accurate passes in the first half. Receivers dropped some balls that should have been caught. Kirk did nice job at the end of the half in the 2 min drive. Showed a lot of poise. Also like how he looked off the safety on numerous occasions, and came back to the other side for a completion. His timing and anticipation with his receivers looked great.
- Crowder is showing himself to be quite a player out of the slot. His breaks are sharp, and he showed excellent hands in the first half, easily plucking the ball out of the air.
- McCoy clearly on the same page with Ross in 2nd half. Colt also did a nice job of avoiding the rush, sliding to his left or right, and finding an open receiver. Most of his passes were of the short variety, but they worked.
- Terrance Plummer was very active again at middle linebacker. He's outplayed Spaight so far this preseason, and is making a solid case to be on the 53 man roster. Kid plays with a lot of energy.
- Forbath was getting his kickoffs a bit deeper. Still returnable, but at least a few ended up half way into the end zone. Looks like his leg may be feeling better.
- Thompson showed good burst and vision on kick returns. He could be dangerous back there this year.