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Washington Redskins Stat of the Week: 8/28

We're all tired of the QB drama already (again), so here's something positive about the position to help get your weekend off on a good note.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, boys and girls.

Who wants to discuss something positive about the Washington Redskins' quarterback situation? (I do! I do!)

Well, that's lovely to hear. Let's begin.

Zero — The three-headed dynamo (stop laughing!) at quarterback has yet to throw a single interception this preseason. The Redskins are one of just eight teams that can make that claim, but of those eight teams, Washington has the fewest pass attempts (51). The next fewest attempts by one of those teams is 56, by the Seattle Seahawks, and the most attempts without an interception so far this preseason is 82 by, somehow, the New York Giants.

Why yes, boys and girls, that is a small sample size, and that is a rather insignificant feat, and it's really not something Redskins fans should brag about.

But with the exception of the running game numbers I broke down on Tuesday, Washington has very little to brag about thus far. And with the injuries mounting — Niles Paul, Logan PaulsenSilas Redd, Adam Hayward and Junior Galette are all out for the year already, and we're only halfway through preseason — and the always-entertaining (in a sad, masochistic way) Redskins controversies already in midseason form, fans of the Burgundy and Gold have to take what they can get.

Now, for the bad parts. Well, not all of them. That would take time that none of us have. But just a few relevant notes:

  • The Redskins have countered their zero interceptions with six fumbles, and they've lost four of them. The six fumbles are second most in the league, behind the Jacksonville Jaguars' seven, and the four lost fumbles are tied for most in the league. The Minnesota Vikings have also lost four fumbles, but they've played three preseason games already. The Indianapolis Colts, with three, are the only other team to lose more than two fumbles.
  • They've also intercepted just one pass through two games, an area they struggled in last year; the Skins picked off a mere seven passes last season and were one of just five teams to have fewer than eight interceptions. The good news is that eight teams have still not yet intercepted a pass this preseason.
  • Despite the Redskins QBs not throwing picks, Washington has been lackluster in all other elements of the turnover game, and therefore still has a -3 turnover ratio. It is one of just six teams with a ratio at least at -3.

Here's the silver lining to all that: Of those five other teams with a turnover ratio of at least -3, all but one were in the playoffs last year. The Miami Dolphins did not make it but are expected to be dramatically improved this year, while the Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Colts all made the postseason.

We won't get into the differences between those five teams' turnovers and the Redskins' turnovers, or at what point in the game each team tends to commit turnovers, or which unit has committed the most turnovers. That's for another time.

For now, just take solace in the fact that the Redskins quarterbacks are either making their throws, throwing it away when the throw isn't there, tucking it and running, or taking the sack. Each of those options is better than an interception.

Have a wonderful weekend, boys and girls. I'm sure it will be stress-free and nothing ridiculous or head-scratching or controversial in any way will take place with your favorite football team.