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Which Redskins Defender Will Step Up Most After Galette Injury?

Which player on the Washington defense will work hardest and most successfully at making us forget the loss of the extremely talented Junior Galette?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Alright...we have had enough of the negativity. I don't see the river of crap reversing its flow anytime soon, but that doesn't mean we can't try to make some lemonade out of...wait...that's not how it works.

On one hand, yes, Junior Galette is a talent that brought something we needed to the defensive side of the ball. Losing him hurts, but there is a silver lining here. Galette's absence creates an opportunity for another player to step up and make us forget. Today, let's focus on the gift we have been given--the gift of Preston Smith!

There are other candidates when it comes to which player might benefit most from the chance to inherit some of the snaps that would have otherwise gone to Junior. Who do you think will make the most of their chance? Who do you think will take the spot and never relinquish it?

For the sake of the poll question, I have limited the options to Preston Smith or Trent Murphy, but I think there are more possibilities, and I welcome the discussion below on any of those possibilities. I just wanted to get a sense of where we stand on PRESSSS-TOOOOOOOOOONE  and Trent.

Keep your heads up! We have a GM who knows how to pick and develop defensive talent. Trust that the answer is on our roster, and will now have the chance it takes to develop into something more than a "depth player" behind free agent veterans.