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Redskins Practice: Jay Gruden 8/23 Presser

Jay Gruden talks to the media following Redskins Fan Day

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III's concussion:

Starting Offense:


"So far with Robert, unfortunately as playcallers, we’ve done a poor job of getting our team into a rhythm. We haven’t got a first down and then followed it up with a nice bootleg or something like that. We’ve just been first down, second down, third down, punt, it seems like."

Ravens game:

TE Derek Carrier:

Injury updates:

Offense with the backup QBs:

"It's not troubling," Gruden answered on Sunday. "I'm glad we're having some success somewhere. You know, Kirk [Cousins] and Colt [McCoy], that's a tribute to them. They're doing extremely well. The pass protection has been excellent, and really with our [starting] group, we haven't been able to muster a drive."

"We've had looks at all three quarterbacks and based on what we've seen at practice for the whole training camp, and offseason, and game situations, we feel like Colt is in the lead," Gruden said then. That, of course, was before Griffin surged past McCoy with a strong January and February.

"You know, with Kirk and Colt, when they're in there, we can get a couple first downs, [and] we get into a rhythm as playcallers,"

RG3 vs the Ravens: