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Redskins vs. Lions - Tyler's Takes

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Here are my observations from Thursday nights game against the Lions. Who stood out? Who stunk it up?

1st Quarter:

- Smith blown up on first running play of game.
- Morris nice run off right guard; great block by D Young on inside LB.
- Scherff blown up on run up middle.
- Scherff DESTROYED and gives up easy sack.

- Good coverage by Amerson in short route to right - broke pass up.
- Big hit in backfield by Ihenacho.
- Murphy in coverage, give up big gain(20yds).
- Stafford sacked on corner blitz by J. Rogers.

* Prater hits 49 yard FG.

- Compton in at TE; pass batted down at the line(Smith's man) - Smith not playing well.
- Roberts drops good throw by Griffin - RG3 gets slammed on the play again.

- LB's are missing a lot of tackles downfield.
- Great pressure up middle on 3rd and 4 - receiver dropped ball.

- Scherff DESTROYED again on a right to the right.
- Matt Jones nice run up middle for 7 - Lauvao with nice block.
- Willie Smith ABUSED again; Griffin gets hit as he attempts to throw.

* Huge 59 yard punt by Way.

- More missed tackles on defense - this time by Amerson. Good job coming up and driving on the ball though. Just has to make the tackle.

2nd Quarter:

- Offsides by Baker.
- Nice rush by Baker, RJF and P. Smith - D gets sack!
- Nice play on the ball by T Robinson. Forces a punt.

- Nice block on run to right by Moses - he's playing great again tonight.
- Moses again just stones his man in pass-pro. Illegal shift called on offense.
- Matt Jones shows good feet in hole. Nice jump cut.
- Willie Smith gives up yet another pressure. Griffin sacked.
- Griffin attempts to run, fumbles and is injured on the play.

- False start on Lions. Ball just outside of Redskins 5.
- Great play on defense on fade route by J. Rogers.
- TD Lions on quick slant - good rub route.

- Matt Jones looks great. Big run up middle for 24 yards. Shows great feet!
- Thompson absolutely electric on a big run right up middle for 21 yards.
- Great catch on a McCoy pass from Reggie Bell.
- Matt Jones just continues to move the pile, and impress!
- Jones on another big run to the left. Kid is a man-child. Holding on play though. Great block by Long in second level.
- McCoy gets blasted after pass. Roughing the passer called.
- McCoy on read-option. Nice gain on play.
- Young with 1st down on short run inside 5 yard line.
- Matt Jones with a TD! Showed good power.

- Nice sack by Jackson Jeffcoat.
- Another sack by Baker this time, but offsides on play.
- Big hit on short completion by J. Johnson.

*Nice punt return by Roberts.

- Great run and catch by Hamm.
- Nice pass to the sidelines by McCoy to Ross.
- McCoy nice scramble to the 1 yard line.
- McCoy fumbles snap; Detroit recovers and returns ball to 50. Halftime.

3rd Quarter:

- P. Smith did nice job setting the edge on run to the right. Makes tackle.
- Smith continues to rush with his hand in the dirt.
- J Johnson whiffs on tackle up the middle. Play brought back because of holding.
- Jarrett good coverage on deep seam.
- Plummer nice open-field tackle on screen to force 4th down.

- McCoy missing open receivers on crossing routes.
- T. Williams great open field moves on long run for 38 yards.
- Thompson shows great speed on toss to left. Great seal block by Hamm.
- False start by Kouandjio.
- Great pass from McCoy to Bell for TD.

- Blown coverage, missed tackle by T. Robinson on pass to RB to the left.
- Dunbar with nice coverage, but just misses ball.
- Spaight misses tackle in backfield.
- J. Johnson nice tackle for short gain.
- TD Lions on quick out to RB in flat. Plummer in coverage.

- Kouandjio has had a few mistakes, but he's a solid blocker.
- Cousins nice out route to Spencer for 1st down.

4th Quarter:

- Nice throw by Cousins to Ross for 1st down.
- Nice block on run up middle by Kouandjio. Totally turned his man.
- Beautiful seam to Dixon from Cousins for big 1st down.
- Cousins hits Spencer for 13 yards down to 5 yard line.
- Cousins hits Ross for TD in back of the end zone.

- Houston Bates with a big sack.

- T. Cofield good down-field block on run play.
- Cousins hits Jones for 1st down.
- Cousins great job of sliding, and moving up in pocket to hit Jones on big pass.
- Cousins with another strong throw on deep comeback. Short of 1st down though.

- Bit hit by Dunbar on a pass over the middle.
- Crawford with batted ball at LOS.
- Dunbar with great defensive play. Almost makes INT.

- Nice run by Mack Brown for 13 yards and 1st down.

*Redskins win 21-17.

Game Notes:
- Scherff started off about as bad as an offensive linemen could start off. His bad play was only trumped by Willie Smith in the 1st quarter. Could be great learning session in film tomorrow for the rookie.
- Morgan Moses looks like a totally different linemen this year - Playing very well in both pass pro and run blocking.
- Willie Smith is getting embarrassed out there. Doesn't look like he belongs on an NFL roster. So much appreciation for Trent Williams after watching this train wreck.
- Goldson flying around in 1st quarter making plays all over.
- Portis is so entertaining as a sideline reporter! Love this guy.
- Preston Smith is definitely learning from Junior Galette. Was watching him in a track stance getting really low down by the goalline.
- Really liking Compton at TE.
- Matt Jones is just opposing his will on the defense in the 2nd quarter. Looks amazing!
- J Johnson not playing well at Safety. Had a few plays, but also whiffed on some tackles.
- Spencer beginning to show some skills at WR - still a bit raw though.
- Cousins going through progressions, extending plays, and throwing the ball on the money. Looks very good tonight, albeit against the 2nd and 3rd Lions defense.
- Houston Bates won't make the team, but damn, the kid is playing great.
- Dunbar may be a good PS candidate. Kid is showing some skills at CB.