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Redskins Cornerbacks on the Bubble: Quinton Dunbar

Quinton Dunbar has officially made the transition from wide receiver to cornerback and that could be his ticket to a roster spot.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Former Florida Gators wide receiver Quinton Dunbar has now switched positions and can possibly make the team as a cornerback. One thing that Dunbar has going for him is his hands. Being a wide receiver has afforded him the ability to do things like high point the ball at the point of attack and use his offensive mindset as a weapon on the defensive side. He switched positions  about a week before the team's first preseason game and head coach Jay Gruden was impressed with how he did in practice:

"We put him out there on 1-on-1s on receivers and he played pretty dang good," Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said of Dunbar's switch to cornerback. "We decided to give him a chance and he was up for it."

Here are Dunbar's thoughts on the transition:

"They’ve seen me in some of the periods jam a few guys up, and they get excited about it," Dunbar said after Friday's practice. "The coaches see the potential, so I’m all for it."

"I know the mentality [of a wide receiver]," Dunbar said. "I know when you’re a D-back you've got to stay patient, because the receiver tries to get you off the landmark. So, [the transition is] kind of easy right now."

Here are the following scenarios for his chance to make the roster at his new position:

#1. How He Makes the Team

He'll make the team by showing up the corners in practice and in the remaining preseason games. He's the tallest corner the Redskins have on the roster so they could use his length moving forward.  He could also be used in the return game or as a gunner in punt return situations.

#2. Why He Doesn't Make the Team

He doesn't make the team because he doesn't show enough growth in his transition to prove he's worthy of a roster spot.

#3. Prediction for Where He Lands

Quinton Dunbar gets the fifth cornerback spot. Frankly, he has a wide receiver's mentality which could be useful for the Redskins so he'd be a great addition to the cornerback group.