Chris Cooley: "3 out of 4" Decision Makers In Favor of Return


The veteran tight end then went over an offer that he and his agent worked out that was presented to the Redskins. In it, Cooley agrees that:

The team can sign him if he does well in a workout that is not public

He will sign "the most minimum deal possible. Veteran minimum, no incentives, no bonuses, no nothing."

He will not enforce any right to termination pay meaning the team could cut him before the season and not have to pay him anything.

If he is cut midseason, he would only come back to the Redskins and would not sign with any other team.

He will develop the team's young tight ends as much as need be, even offering to have them over to his house.

He will give $50,000 of his contract to charity.

Cooley specified afterwards that this deal was only on the table for the Redskins. ""I'm literally begging," he said.