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Bruce Allen Speaks! Winning Off the Field, New Stadium and More

Redskins Team President Bruce Allen addresses the media

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images


Winning off the field:

Winning on the field:

Declining Training Camp Attendance:

New Redskins Stadium:

"Building a stadium is different than building a house," Allen said. "We wanted to get ahead of it and start doing the preliminary work. It's not going to be a new stadium in the next 48 months, so we don't have to worry about that."

"We've had a lot of interaction with our fans this year and this offseason, and we've listened to them on a number of different issues," Allen said. "We're going to find the right location and build the stadium for the fans. We'll take input from all of them on it, but right now, no, there's not a leading candidate."

Redskins Park renovations:

Scot McCloughan:

Training Camp in Richmond:

Junior Galette signing:

Changing the Redskins name for stadium deal: