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Sunday Slop: Figuring out the Redskins TE situation

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Redskins options at TE include Compton and trio of youngsters | ESPN Redskins Blog

Tom Compton: He played tight end in certain packages last season so he has experience. And he worked there Saturday during full-team work in practice. He'd obviously be used for blocking purposes. Considering the Redskins want to be a run-based offense, Compton would definitely help. Also, coach Jay Gruden said having Compton would not limit their play-action game. When they throw deep off play-action, it's typically a two-man route downfield with a back available for a check down. So the tight end often blocks. Having Compton might help sell the run even more.

Redskins pleased with RGIII's preseason performance | ESPN Redskins Blog

Others in the organization echoed Gruden's sentiment, saying they liked how Griffin got rid of the ball quickly and was protected by the line. The times he got hit involved blitzes. He played only the first quarter, which might be all that Griffin will play vs. Detroit as well, though Gruden left open the possibility of playing into the second quarter.

Chris Baker livens up practice with botched FG attempt | ESPN Redskins Blog

So, Saturday, it was Baker's turn. Players gathered around, shouting at him from a few feet away. The tension built and Baker responded by ... kicking a ball that never left the ground.

Redskins TE injuries could have serious impact on the season |

Ideally the Redskins offense would have had Paul getting most of the starting TE work, with Reed helping out on some passing downs as a solo TE or in some two-TE sets (maybe leaving Paul in to help block). Paul also figured to be a major contributor in the running game as a functioning in-line blocking TE, with Paulsen coming in as a 2nd blocking TE in some running sets. Given that the Redskins appear to be seriously committing to the run this year, this ability is key for the Redskins to execute their offense. This wasn't going to be a great TE unit, but it appeared functional and would give the Redskins some options to match-up versus different defenses.

Junior Galette went with gut instinct to avoid surgery | ESPN Redskins Blog

So Galette sought two other opinions, the last one coming from Dr. James Andrews. Galette said both opinions gave him a different option: no surgery. He opted for the latter and is glad he did, having returned to padded workouts on Saturday for the first time. Galette worked in a couple of drills in nickel situations, crouching low from the right end position.

How much will Griffin play vs the Lions | CSN Washington

One obstacle to Griffin playing more is that, like most coaches, Gruden prefers that the rest of the starters play with his No. 1 QB. Issues such as Trent Williams' knee injury, which is not serious but he is hurting enough to where they want to limit his play, can affect how many snaps Griffin gets.

Redskins practice report: Day 18 | CSN Washington

OLB Junior Galette made his first appearance in pads for the Redskins and he participated in 11 on 11 drills. He didn't do anything spectacular in very limited action. After practice, he said that he hopes to play in the Redskins' third preseason game in Baltimore on Saturday, August 29.

Need to know: Smith enjoys his pro debut | CSN Washington

"It felt great out there to get our feet wet, to finally get a first sack in an NFL game especially in a preseason game, my first NFL game," he said after the game. "It was a great feeling to go out there and finally string some pass-rush together and get a sack and get home to the quarterback."