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In Scot We Trust T-Shirts!

McLovin gets his own shirt as Redskins Nation puts their faith in a real GM to rebuild the team the right way.

It has been a little over 7 months since the Washington Redskins officially transitioned from Bruce "Winning off the Field" Allen to a GM who focuses on real wins in Scot McCloughan.  The former San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seattle Seahawks GM/Personnel Executive came with a reputation for building through the draft and having big, tough teams in the trenches.  Teams that compete and win at the highest levels of professional football.  This is something that has been out of reach in Washington for a long time, and lack of leadership at the top has always been a major problem that was overlooked, and covered up with shiny new players by Dan Snyder.

But that has changed with the arrival of Scot.  In free agency, he made additions to a defense that was in desperate need of a transfusion of talent.  He has been retooling the offensive line which has been a rallying cry for many Washington Redskins fans for years(I'm looking at you Ken Meringolo). He traded down in the draft multiple times to build depth, and have more opportunities to find late round gems.  He also makes finding players who fall out of the draft for different reasons a priority. Bottom line: Scot McCloughan doesn't mess around when it comes to identifying the problem and fixing it the way he wants it fixed.  #InScotWeTrust

Purchase your T-Shirt here!

Purchase your T-Shirt here!