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Redskins vs. Browns - Tyler's Takes

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Here are my take aways from Thursday nights preseason game against the Browns.

1st Quarter:

- Big completion on crossing route on 3rd down to Grant from Griffin
- Garçon dropped EASY TD - beautiful deep pass by Griffin

- Nice tackle in backfield by Preston Smith
- HORRIBLE pass interference call on Culliver
- Run by Griffin on 3rd for 1st down
- Bootleg to left by Griffin, nice pass to Grant for big gain
- Nice wall-block by Moses on run off right tackle by Thompsonp
- Nice run by Morris on 4th down; big block by Moses

2nd Quarter:

- Nice batted pass at LOS by Murphy

*Roberts fumbles punt return

- Preston Smith nice backside pursuit on run to left - makes tackle for no gain

- Cousins nice ball to Roberts in center of field - Dig route
- Nice catch by Matt Jones out of backfield
- Kouandjio blocking well!
- Roberts nice catch down right sideline
- Cousins nice bootleg to right; hits Roberts for nice gain
- Cousins read-option for TD

*we may have the only kicker in the league who can barely reach the end zone

- Nice pressure by defense forces Manziel out of pocket; throws ball away

- Matt Jones with nice run; breaks out to the right
- Jones with another nice run to left(great feet) - Kouandjio really finishes blocks
- LeRibeus missed block - sack on Cousins

*Forbath makes 52 yard FG

- Sack by Jackson Jeffcoat on Manziel to end the half

3rd Quarter:

- Great hit in backfield by Terrance Plummer

- Cousins great pass over the middle to Ross
- Redd injured - fumbled on play

- This Plummer kid at LB is pretty active

- Cousins hits Ross on 3rd down for the 1st
- Really like how Kouandjio is finishing blocks
- Nice run by Thompson for 1st down - Kouandjio again down field blocking
- Kouandjio again holds block and gets RB some extra yards
- Bullett from Cousins to Reggie Bell to 3 yard line
- TD Williams

- Plummer makes tackle in backfield
- Corner blitz - Cromartie-Smith sack on Shaw
- Big sack by Preston Smith - beats man badly
- Big pass defended by Jarrett

- Nice bootleg and pass from McCoy to Dixon for big gain

4th Quarter:

- Ross makes nice catch on 3rd and long - comes up just short
- Redskins go for it on 4th down - incomplete

- Plummer did a great job filling
- Nice pass defended by Dunbar on 3rd and short
- Plummer another tackle in backfield

*Int by Davis

Game Take-away's:
- Moses HAS really improved. I see why he's playing RT.
- Kouandjio really impressed me at LG - finished his blocks well.
- Scherff was neither good nor bad.
- Cousins looked sharp, although it was against 2nd team defense.
- Ross had a nice game at WR, but has a ways to go as a route runner.
- Matt Jones has QUICK feet for a big man - he's going to be fun to watch!
- LeRibeus struggled at center.
- Preston Smith impressed me with his hustle. Had a sack and a pressure.
- Terrance Plummer is fun to watch! Kid was all over the field.
- Paea was active early on - no splash plays, but still very active.
- Spaight was a bit hit-or-miss.....literally
- Jarrett showed good instincts and speed. He really flies around back there.
- We better trade for a damn TE!