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The District Balls with Carl McDowell!

Tonight on The District! We go Hollywood for the start of Redskins preseason!

You might recognize tonight's guest from appearances on HBO's new series, Ballers. He's also been on Shameless, The League, Dog with a Blog, and many other shows and movies. It's Carl McDowell! We'll be talking preseason, NFL news, and how he got into acting. He'll be joining us for two segments, so don't miss it.

After Carl leaves (no doubt for a red carpet event or a party with Jay-Z), we'll preview the preseason! What should we be looking for? Robert Henson will help us focus on the important stuff.

If you have any questions to ask Carl or any of us, please tweet them to @DistrictStrong or comment on the Hogs Haven page. We'll see if any of them can legally be asked on air. The show will be streaming from www.WBAD.nett and simulcast here on And, as always, The District is a 1st Amendment Sports production.