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Civil Suit Against Junior Galette Dropped

A civil suit against newly signed Washington Redskins linebacker Junior Galette was dismissed Monday.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

We'll get more details on this and what this means for Junior Galette as the news filters out, but for right now, this seems to validate the comfort level the team had when it signed this player. I am not aware of any criminal charges for any of the alleged assaults, but the NFL has also not weighed in on what it plans to do after a video surfaced appearing to show Galette striking a woman with a belt during a brawl involving several people.

I hate these kinds of stories surrounding our team, and we should all note that regardless of the outcome of this one civil matter, Galette certainly needs to back up the strong sense of remorse he conveyed to McLovin', as well as the strong desire he has to restore his name.

The suit was filed by the same woman who was involved in an altercation at Galette's house in January. The incident resulted in Galette being arrested on domestic violence charges, which were later dropped.

Although the suit was dismissed, it could be reinstated at any time if the accuser chooses to refile it.

Statement from Galette's attorney:

"From day one, we have been confident this suit would be swiftly dismissed. The suit came only after we rejected her former lawyer's offer to pay her millions of dollars in exchange for not filing this baseless suit. We are delighted that the frivolous civil suit and meritless criminal case have been swiftly dismissed. Now, Junior can hopefully focus on football and put this incident, where he did nothing wrong, behind him."