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Saturday Slop: Breeland Injury update and more!

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

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Redskins practice News and Notes- Day 2 | CSN Washington

Chris Culliver says it's important for a cornerback to just play his game no matter what type of receiver he is facing: "Whatever your opponent is, you just go there and do it. Whether you're a strong guy or if you're a physical guy, whatever your game is you do it. That's your technique, that's your game."

Redskins training camp report: Day 2 | CSN Washington

WR Tony Jones, who is one of the longest of long shots to make the team, made a nice move to get away from high-dollar free agent CB Chris Culliver. Lined up wide left, Jones went down about five yards, made a shoulder fake to the outside, and cut to the inside. Robert Griffin III fired a nice pass to him on the move.

Report Injury will sideline Breeland "only" into early regular season | CSN Washington

Redskins need RG3 to be efficient not spectacular | CSN Washington

A good defense and a strong running game are a quarterback's best friends. But the quarterback needs to embrace them and help the other elements of the game help him. A quality running game won't do a team much good if the quarterback holds on to the ball too long trying to make a play and gets sacked. Second and 17 is not a running down. Nor does it help when the quarterback throws an interception that makes the defense defend a short field.

Redskins hope Junior Galette provides match-up problems | ESPN Redskins Blog

Galette, who has 22 sacks the past two seasons combined, will provide the Redskins more of a presence opposite Ryan Kerrigan. They do have second-year Trent Murphy and rookie Preston Smith. Murphy is not a speed guy and Smith looks like what he is: a rookie trying to learn to play in the NFL. Murphy has bulked up this offseason, but he's still coming off a 2.5-sack season and not everyone in the organization views him as a long-term starter.

RGIII can build off previous day; safeties locked in a battle | ESPN Redskins Blog

RGIII sharp during Redskins practice | ESPN Redskins Blog

It was an excellent showing from the fourth-year passer -- and even included one escape act. It's always tough to know if a quarterback would have been sacked on a play, but in this case Griffin extended a play, slipping out to his right and then, on the run, sidearming a ball to receiver Jamison Crowder just a little to his inside. It was back toward the middle, but it wasn't a dangerous throw because the area was wide open.

Redskins rookie Brandon Scherff bests Ryan Kerrigan in full team work | ESPN Redskins Blog

Ryan Kerrigan consistently beats rookie Brandon Scherff in one-on-one pass-rush drills, often with quick rips to the outside. But Scherff has done a nice job against him in the run game during full-team work. Did a nice job getting his feet around on an outside zone, preventing Kerrigan from setting the edge. The book on Scherff: He's strong.