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Washington Redskins Player Profiles: Devin Mahina

Will Logan Paulsen fight off the new #89 for the final TE spot?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Tight End

Height: 6'6", Weight: 265 lbs.

College: Brigham Young

Drafted: Undrafted (2015)

Many Redskins fans wanted to see the team draft a TE this year.  With consistent questions marks about Jordan Reed's health and Logan Paulsen's talent/ability, some felt an infusion of new blood into this position group would be a good thing.  Well the Redskins didn't draft a TE.  But they did bring in Devin Mahina right afterwards...

#1. At Upland HS in Upland, CA, Mahina played both TE and DE.  He was actually the #11 overall TE in the 2007 HS graduating class according to

#2. From 2008-2010, Devin served a two-year Mormon mission in Madagascar.  While there, he learned to speak Malagasy.  Due to taking two years away from football to focus on his mission, Devin is older than most rookies at 26.  He has a wife named Lindsay and he was also an Eagle Scout.

#3. Devin's Pro Day stood out for a couple very different reasons.  He's a superior athlete in almost every category measured at the NFL Combine, though he wasn't invited and thus did not participate.  The numbers he put up at his Pro Day would have placed him in the top five in almost every category amonst draft-eligible TEs... with one glaring exception.  Devin's vertical jump would have been dead last amongst TEs.

#4. Devin missed the entire 2011 season due to undergoing surgery on a fracture in his neck.

#5. Perhaps whenever Devin's playing days are done, he'll enter the world of sports TV...

Bottom Line: Devin is one of six TEs currently on the Redskins roster.  With the team likely not keeping more than three, it would seem he'll have to beat out Logan Paulsen for that TE3 spot if he wants to make the final 53.  Still, there could be a spot for him on the PS regardless.